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Florida business owners worry about impacts of health care law

As the Legislature decides whether Florida will implement certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, businesses of all sizes are also grappling with the impacts of the law.

There are new standards for insurance plans offered by employers, requirements that employees buy insurance and penalties for those who don't comply. It doesn't help that the state has avoided making certain decisions, one business owner told a Senate panel on Monday.

"We need you to study this matter expeditiously and bring us more certainty as an employer," said Kim Williams, president of Marpan Supply Company in Tallahassee. "What are we going to do?"

The Select Committee on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as a similar panel in the House, is studying whether Florida should expand Medicaid and create a health exchange under the law.

Most of the discussion has focused on what the health care law could cost the state financially. This week, legislators are hearing from business leaders about what the law means for them.

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Max Salfinger

The state was given $100 million to implement the ACA and Rick Scott refused the funds and sat on his hands and the legislature was no better. I wish the Governor and legislature would worry more about the health of Florida's citizens and less about counting pennies.

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