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Florida Supreme Court pension decision's winners and losers

Minutes after the Florida Supreme Court turned in its 4-3 ruling to uphold a Florida law on pensions, those with most to gain and lose responded in tweets and emails.

Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Will Weatherford appeared to be the biggest winners from the decision, which allowed the state to retain the 3 percent levy on worker salaries to offset the state's investment into the Florida Retirement System. State workers? Not so much.

For Scott, the decision helps avoid a $2 billion budget hole for next year -- just in time for his budget rollout in a few weeks.

"This is a great day for FL families. The court’s ruling today supports our efforts to lower the cost of living for FL families," Scott tweeted.

For Weatherford, it adds momentum to one of his top priorties: eliminating pensions for new employees.

"On the surface, this appears to be a decisive victory for taxpayers," Weatherford said in a news release. "We are pleased the Court has upheld our actions on pension reform."

The tone was less celebratory in tweets by Andy Ford, president of the Florida Education Association, who tweeted: "It is with great sadness that I report that we lost the 3 percent suit." Minutes later, perhaps in an effort to boost the spirtis of state employees, he tweeted: "Don’t mourn, organize!"


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They aren't using it to pay for the retirement system, the money is going into the general fund

Cecil Copelin

This is symbolic of Governor Scott plantation mentality
against Florida workers who has sweated and died for State Government employment. To shame, Governor Scott, making the weak and disable collateral damage in your wake. I guess your vision of making Florida a big garage sales continues..........


Rick Scott doing what he does best: taking other people's money.

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