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Florida's other Senator, Bill Nelson, lauds 'principles' of Marco Rubio, Gang of 8's immigration plan

By @MarcACaputo

Sounds like senior Florida Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat, likes what Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is doing with immigration:

“I support the principles of a bipartisan group of senators seeking immigration reform and U.S. border security.  We simply cannot deport 11 million people.  That would be unreasonable.  It would ruin our economy.  But anyone who is here must follow the rules, pay taxes, learn English and go to the end of the line.  If they do that, they should have a shot at citizenship.  And those who are unwilling to do that, they should be sent home.   We also need to make sure that children who through no fault of their own know no other country but ours can stay here to go to college or serve in the military.  The bottom line is: we’re talking about fairness."

Story here on the plan so far.


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And make sure all of you immigrants vote for Rubio for president in 2016. WOW everyone trying to get the latino vote in 2016. Big news people OBAMA will be running in 2016 with HILARY as vice president. He can't run you say, watch him, watch what happens to the 22nd amendment. Also no more Republican party, only Dems. Files this until 2016 then tell me I was wrong.


Pandering for votes. Might work for the Cuban Latino vote but not the Mexican or South American Latino vote. Rubio's a joke.


"Files this until 2016 then tell me I was wrong."

Why file it? We already know that you are wrong. As well as all the garbage the wingnuts were saying the last four years.


Well...looks like Mike's little paranoid - but it's his growing up, his exposure to things, basically the way his brain was programmed. And we - the lucky ones grew up as having a more open life view...So lets be more kind to peoples who did not have the opportunity.

Tired of illegal immigrants

We are opposed to amnesty, any reward for criminal illegal aliens, path to citizenship, etc. We back attrition thru enforcement of existing immigration laws along with mandatory E-Verify.

Self-deportation is humane to illegal aliens and fair to Americans and legal immigrants. Americans and legal immigrants are prosecuted for breaking law; why not prosecute illegal aliens for breaking the law?

Tired of illegal immigrants

Senator Bill Nelson claims "We simply cannot deport 11 million people. That would be unreasonable.". However, he supports gun registration of more than 200 million guns in the United States of America. How can this man believe we (the USA) can enforce new legislation (national gun registration) but not enforce existing laws (immigration laws) on "11 million people"???

Enforce existing laws and criminal illegal aliens will self-deport (attrition thru enforcement). This is the most humane (to illegal aliens and their families) and fair policy (to Americans and legal immigrants and their families). Why do we prosecute American and legal immigrants when they commit a crime but ignore the criminal element of illegal immigration?

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