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Video: Gov. Rick Scott on Obamacare and "false" Medicaid numbers, do-over

by @MarcACaputo

During a stop at a Miami-area Sedano's, Gov. Rick Scott talks about using what PolitiFact called "false" Medicaid budget numbers that claimed the program for the poor will cost Florida $26 billion over the first 10 years under Obamacare.

"As you know Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration put out their estimate of what the expansion would cost just for Florida taxpayers and it's over $26 billion," Scott said Monday.

Turns out, that number was wildly inflated in the eyes of Florida budget experts. Scott was warned weeks ago that he was using inaccurate numbers that could breach state law if they were used.

Then, his agency reversed course/relented and lowered the price-tag to the state to $5.1-$9 billion.



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All the insurance and Medicaid isn't going to solve our problems with affordable health care .... they must start with cutting what the hospitals and doctors are charging.... Once upon a time, people who worked medical "loved" being what they were now they love "getting all they can"... I remember when our local hospital decided to build a very costly hospital in the next town and shut the old one down. Once they did this they bought a machine that could scan he entire body within a matter of seconds. The only problem was it was a very costly scan. In the newspaper they had put an atricle saying if you couldn't afford this scan you would get the old scan he hospital had moved to their new location. The problem with this was that the new machine could give a lot more information about the health of the patient vs the old machine. So, if you did't have insurance or had Medicaid you were SOL because they were not going to use the new updated technology on anyone but the ones who could either afford to pay this or had great insurance. Go figure. I have to laugh every single time I think about that article. As the old saying goes... you are not what you have ... but the way I took it was that if you had money or insurance to pay for this you would get the best diagnosis/diagnoses and if not well, too bad LOL. Your health is in your own hands and a lot of people like myself are screwed. Shame on Rick Scott for not allowing and expansion of Medicaid.... I don't qualify for it but I still work and pay taxes and have no insurace ... so I guess that is well, too bad LOL.

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