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Gov. Scott will seek $1.2 billion more for schools

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Wednesday he will ask the Legislature to increase funding for public schools by $1.2 billion next year. But a third of that money would pay for an across-the-board teacher pay hike and nearly $300 million more would pay down part of the unfinded liability in the state pension system.

Speaking to the annual AP news forum in Tallahassee, Scott presented a case that Florida's economy has steadily improved under his direction and that now is the time to "strategically invest" in public education.

Scott will make his full budget recommendations to the Legislature at the state Capitol Thursday.

Speaking from a prepared text, Scott defended his proposal to give all public school teachers a $2,500 across-the-board raise, which has come under fire from legislative leaders who say it should be tied to classroom performance.

"I have never met an educator who wants bad teachers to be rewarded," Scott said. "The educators that I know support accountability."

Scott also listed as a top priority the elimination of the sales tax on manufacturers' equipment purchases, which he said would save businesses $144 million in taxes.

-- Steve Bousquet


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saltwater cowboy

Scott must be up for election - the bum will do anything to get reelected. They get a little extra cash and spend it right away. How about lowering our taxes?

Max Salfinger

What about Florida's University System? It is currently in economic shambles.

Tally Folly

Who will he steal these billions from this time???

tony smith

Max - the universities are next. He's campaigning for reelection.

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