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Scott's teacher pay plan: $2,500 across-the-board raises

Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday proposed a $2,500 across-the-board pay raise for all full-time Florida teachers next year, a proposal that he says would cost nearly half a billion dollars. That would consume at least part of a tentative projected budget surplus of $437 million.

"I can think of no better investment for our state," Scott said in prepared remarks released by his office. 

Scott said his plan, which includes "related benefits," would cost $480 million statewide. He outlined the details for the first time at Ocoee Middle School near Orlando and emphasized that he also will propose an overall increase in education funding when he releases his detailed budget recommendations next week.

"I've traveled the state and I've talked to teachers," Scott told reporters before he flew to Orlando. "They're working tirelessly to make sure our students have achievement. I'm very appreciative of what our teachers do."

Scott said he remains supportive of a merit pay plan tied to student progress on standardized test scores. Merit pay became law two years ago but the state has provided no money for it and teachers are challenging it in court.

The governor's call for an across-the-board pay increase for teachers will be a recommendation to the state Legislature, which writes the annual state budget.

-- Steve Bousquet



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This is interesting because that $480 million will have to be divided between 67 counties with the larger counties receiving a larger percentage. Smaller counties will receive less and ultimately it will fall at the feet of the local district to determine the raises. Lots of hands going to be in that candy bowl for sure.

Now no doubt you will hear the police and fireman unions speak out about their raises. Then of course corrections will be asking as well. How about all those hard working state workers who have not had a raise in seven years? Do they not deserve something? Cannot pick winners and losers here.


Did Rick Scott think...Oh I will need the teachers votes to get reelected? Better buy their vote. Lets see I cut a big chunk out of the eduction budget one year then made a big deal out of giving some of it back the next. I hope teachers are as stupid as I think they are!

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