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House panel signs off on superintendents’ red-tape reductions

One of the things Gov. Rick Scott heard on his education listening tour was complaints from school personnel about burdensome paperwork. He pledged to study the issue and created a task force of seven superintendents that produced a list of recommendations in November.

Those recommendations are are now contained in the first committee bill of the 2013 session: PCB 13-01 (also known as KTS1). The House’s K-12 Education Subcommittee is sponsoring the bill and approved it during today’s meeting.

The measure repeals dozens of outdated, inactive or unfunded regulations, committee chairwoman Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, said. For example, it removes a requirement that public schools submit reports on recycling materials and the state Department of Educaiton would no longer have to post school wellness programs online.

Rep. Karen Castor Dentel, D-Maitland, said districts deserve the relief the repealer bill provides.

“It’s important to give the school boards and classrooms and teachers flexibility,” she said. “I look forward to digging into these statutes and finding even more.”


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