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Orange GOP committee woman beats Republican Party of Florida in court. Miami's DLP next?


An Oviedo woman had to sue her own political party to take the position she'd been elected to by 17,000 voters.

Sixty-eight percent of the vote in her favor seemed like enough to give Kathryn Townsend the victory last fall, when she ran to represent Seminole County in the state Republican Party, or so she thought.

"About 10 days after the election, I got a letter from the state party saying, 'You won, but you didn't fulfill this little requirement that we have over here, so you're not going to be seated,'" said Townsend.

So she sued her own party...

"Jokingly, I said, 'Over 17,000 votes, over $10,000, five months and a court order, you, in fact, can be the Seminole County Republican state  committeewoman,'" said Townsend.

The case sounds similar to Renier Diaz de la Portilla's case in Miami-Dade County.

But there's a big difference: DLP has documentation showing he signed and filed the oath, but the party said he doesn't qualify because he didn't file it the right way. The case is still in court

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Shody reporting. Get facts straight first.


I guess the right palms weren't greased.

Johnny Hothead

Dear WTF; In the future, please don't make us think ill of you because we wonder to which "facts" you refer. It's simpletons, like you, who bark when the party (and when we say "the party" we know you ask, "is there more than one?") commands that we know the RPOF is behind many, many of the blog postings in Florida's media. So, think for yourself, or are you too lazy to? Btw, it's spelled "shoddy."

Marc S.

Oviedo isnt in orange county. It's seminole.

Mike Cornelia

Johnny hothead relax. I don't understand all of the hate. Republicans are always stirring up the pot, even when things don't go there way. I hear more and more about this situation every year. I don't know if I should still be looking for some Miami homes for rent or not after seeing all of the hate that is going on in Florida.

joe blow

they don't call it FloriDuh for nothing folks!
Republicans are dumber than a box of rocks!

Defoor Keegan

I'm confused. Why he didn't qualified if he filed the documents on time? Can you please post the update on this? Thanks!

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