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Politico: Republicans to meet privately in Miami to talk about the future of Hispanic vote and GOP

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has repeatedly scolded fellow Republicans for their treatment of Hispanic voters, is among a group of GOP'ers meeting privately in Miami on Friday to talk about the party's poor standing with the nation’s biggest minority group, according to Politico.

The Washington-based political web site reported Thursday night that Bush and others, including former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Fred Malek, the finance chairman of the Republican Governors Association, are among a team of national prominent Republicans who are gathering in Miami to “begin mapping out GOP outreach to Hispanics for the 2014 cycle.”

Politico reported that the meeting is being organized by the Hispanic Leadership Network. Launched in 2011, the HLN has sought to steer Hispanics to the Republican party.

Republicans have been distressed over their poor showing among Hispanic voters last November. Exit polls show Mitt Romney garnered just 27 percent of Hispanic voters compared to President Barack Obama's 71 percent. In 2004, former President George W. Bush got a whopping 44 percent in his successful campaign against Democrat John Kerry (53 percent). 

Read the Politico story here

No doubt they will all chomp on last month’s grim post-election survey of Hispanic voters, which was authored by HLN and Resurgent Republic, a group whose board of directors includes former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Mary Matalin, former assistant to President George W. Bush.

The authors of the survey of 400 Hispanic voters in each of four key states – Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida – blasted the failure of the GOP to connect with Hispanic voters.

"The results make clear the size of the hole Republicans have dug among Hispanic voters over the past eight years," the survey's authors bluntly stated.

They found that the Republican party had unfavorable ratings among Hispanics in each of the four states and that Hispanics mostly favored Democrats to deal with traditional GOP issues – like like deficit reduction, the economy, and helping small businesses.

And it found that most Hispanics view Republicans as “anti-immigrant.”

“Republicans face some major challenges among Hispanic Americans, problems that will not be resolved just by passing immigration reform legislation. Years of harsh rhetoric and punitive policies will not be undone overnight. Fixing a broken immigration system is necessary but not sufficient to make Republicans competitive in the Hispanic community,” the authors of the report wrote.

They added: "If Republicans achieve 40 percent or more of Hispanics nationally, they can elect conservative Republicans to national office. Settling for a quarter or less of the Hispanic vote nationally will relegate Republicans to a regional party with few national prospects."

Read the full HLN/Resurgent Republic survey/memo here


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Robert Jenkins

+I find it odd that only now; the light goes on on this subject. For a good while; whipping on person's of Latin or Spanish decent; raised millions of dollars. Even more odd is, those same contributers, often hired undocumented workers to work here in the U.S.; particularly Floriduh!!! Now, and only now, the G.O.P. cares.If one were to delve into the percentages; one would see, it wasn't "just" the Latino/Spanish vote lost!!! Break down the numbers and see the only percentage won handily by Republicans,was White males over 50 with less than a college degree. So perhaps, just perhaps; the G.O.P. needs not to sway just the Latino/Spanish vote, but "all" Americans. "I" think it is already to late to impact many votes for the 2014 elections; there simply isn't enough time. Focus instead on the 2016 elections; as actions taken in the 2012 elections really hurt the G.O.P.!!! "I" offer this to the G.O.P., pick candidates that understand, that telling the truth still means a great deal to "real" Americans. Understand that a half truth is a whole lie to most. Understand that, if you run someone who "brags" about being an "extreme" conservative, without having a record of being such; is a non-starter.Understand that social issues pertaining to Women and thier "private" medical issues; is just plain wrong. Finally understand that "extreme" is "extreme" (loyalty oaths, tax pledges, etc.) and will "never" carry a national election.If the party worked for America, instead of party; they may recover their lost direction; but that is at least three years from now!!!+++++++++++++++

can't take anymore

The most likely upshot of this conference will be that the GOP leadership will start wearing sombreros and serapes during campaign season. They have the absolute confidence that gathering latino voters to their side is simply a matter of marketing, not policy. If that is the case they have yet to realize the GOP has become the Edsel of politics.

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