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RPOF spox Brian Burgess back in private sector after dodging questions about Rick Scott's dog

Brian Burgess, the combative communications director for the Republican Party of Florida, is returning to the private sector less than five months after taking over as the party's top communicator.

Burgess would not return emails or telephone calls, but was shown the door at the party after he did not answer questions from the Tampa Bay Timesabout a rescued Labrador retriever adopted by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott publicly adopted the dog during the 2010 campaign and held a contest to name it — people chose Reagan — but Scott returned the dog shortly after taking office in 2011.

The resulting publicity outraged animal lovers across the state who accused Scott of adopting the dog as a campaign gimmick.

Burgess, 42, will be joining Brian Hughes, former spokesman for the party, at Meteoric Media Strategies, a private public relations business. Hughes and Burgess worked together in Scott's office shortly after Scott was elected governor and during the 2010 campaign. Hughes announced the new partnership in a statement to the Florida Times-Union Tuesday shortly after the Times asked Burgess for comment on his dismissal from the party.

Hughes' firm has consulting contracts with the Republican Party of Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other conservative groups. He has been paid more than $195,000 for campaign work since 2010, including $92,000 from the state party.

Burgess began working for the state party in September after 18 months working in the governor's office. Burgess previously worked for a Washington public relations firm that handled communications for Scott's gubernatorial campaign.

He has a history of clashing with reporters — in public and in private — and was once called "an aggressive knife-fighter" by a prominent Florida communications consultant.

"I really don't miss some of you dips---s at all," Burgess emailed a Kansas reporter in 2008, after he left to work with a conservative public relations firm in Virginia. "Have fun in your world of make-believe."

Keep reading the story from Times senior correspondent Lucy Morgan.


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An awful person working for an awful governor. Birds of a feather, etc.

Frank C.

You have got to be kidding me. You classless excuse for a reporter. It was not his question to answer in the first place. That is why Rick Scott has communications director Melissa Sellers who twice told the The Times she was "too busy" to answer their question about the dog. She knew the answer. Everyone knew the answer except now she controls all media with an iron fist. No doubt when the question was first asked she was too busy. Too busy trying to cover her butt by releasing Medicaid numbers she knew were false.

If the media was smart they might try and find out the real story of her departure from Bobby Jindal's administration and the sudden return of his Golden Boy status since she left. Being labeled public enemy number one by the LA media is not my idea of a compliment.

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