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Sheriff Israel's payout at Fort Laud p.d. was about $46k

We wrote earlier this week about the six-figure payouts for vacation and sick time signed off by Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti after he lost the election to Scott Israel in November. There were 16 BSO officials who had payouts that totaled at least $100,000 -- one was about $340,000 based on more than 4,000 hours of unused sick and vacation. BSO policy allowed Lamberti to grant those final golden parachutes but Israel described that as "poor discretion."

So we wanted to check how much Israel received from unused sick and vacation time when he retired from the Fort Lauderdale police department as a captain in 2004. Israel, who started at the city in 1979, received $46,279.42 gross in sick, vacation and longevity, according to city payroll records.

That was based on 100 percent of 495 vacation hours (one hour below the cap) and 80 percent of 720 sick hours (the cap).




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Don Turner

And the purpose of this article is ???? Lamberti and his cronies leave the building with $4.8 million, now that's a story. This blog post is not so cleverly designed to try to make Scott Israel look bad but in fact the modest pay out he received makes him look good. Lamberti paying off himself and his cronies at 100% at his personal discretion, well that speaks for itself.

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