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State report: Crashes down at intersections with red-light cameras

Crashes are down across Florida at intersections equipped with red-light cameras, according to a new state report.

A report of accidents compiled by the state from 73 different law enforcement agencies found that more than half of Florida agencies, 41, say accidents are less frequent at intersections using red-light camera technology. Crashes were more frequent in just 11 of the 73 jurisdictions while the rest saw no change or didn't have enough information.

The five-page report from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles contains data from Hillsborough County, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale and Miami and includes accidents between July of 2011 and June of 2012.

Tampa has issued 52,760 violations and St. Petersburg has issued 27,086. Accidents at intersections with cameras are down in Tampa but up in St. Petersburg. The cities were not asked by the state to detail how much accidents are up or down.

Most agencies also reported that traffic safety had improved throughout their jurisdictions "as drivers were more cautious when approaching all intersections."

The statistics have been delivered to the Legislature, and are likely to influence debate on whether red-light cameras are in Florida to stay. Lawmakers have tried to outlaw the cameras in years past.

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Um ... in the story: "The cameras often don't account for local rules about right turns on right lights."

When did anybody outlaw right turns on 'right' lights?

John N Florida

So THAT'S why Collier County threw Red Light Cameras out.
Collier wasn't included in the state study since their experience didn't fit with the 'Party Line'.
Corruption still reigns supreme in Tallahassee.

John N Florida

Nobody 'outlawed' anything. Apparently, some jurisdictions don't require a full stop before proceeding with your 'Right on Red' turn.
Collier County required the full stop. Almost 50% of the cars making the turn in violation were police cars.
The nightly news reels were full of taped incidents.
Collier decided to exempt the RoR violations from the camera regs. before the revolt took place.
That marked a substantial reduction in profits to the camera company, who complained.
Eventually, Collier decided the revenue wasn't worth the headache and cancelled the contract.
2 in Depth Studies have been done on Red Light Cameras, one by Virginia's DOT and another by the University of South FLorida. Both studies are religiously ignored by those wanting cameras and MONEY. And let there be no doubt - this is/was never about Public Safety.
This is strictly a Revenue device. A CASH COW without passing a tax.
In an effort to reduce the number of red light rear end collisions, Georgia passed a law that required the yellow light timing to be extended by 1 second at every intersection where red light cameras were installed. Not only were collisions virtually eliminated, so were red light violations. The Camera companies exercised their options and terminated their contracts.


There is no limit to the insatiable desire of government entities to take your money. Any objective review of red light camera data will reveal its inefficacy. Just another "revenue" scam.

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