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Video: Marco Rubio on guns, immigration and why his plan isn't 'amnesty'

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's latest immigration plan looks a lot like a President Obama plan, which looked a lot like a President George W. Bush plan. So while he whacks the president on guns in the video below, Rubio gives some measure of praise to the president for his position on legalizing the status of many illegal immigrants.

Rubio said his plan isn't "amnesty," though, because people would have to pay a penalty, back taxes and couldn't get welfare or many social services if they tried to have their status legalized.

"I define amnesty as a special pathway to citizenship. Our plan is not that," Rubio said.


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David Farrar

In addition to Sen. Rubio's provisions, I would like to add this proviso: Any and all offspring born in this country, up to the time of naturalization, shall no longer be considered U.S. citizens at birth, but must under go naturalization at the age of majority(i.e., voting age).

ex animo


It is true that if the so-called "anchor baby" provisions were undone, much of the conservative opposition to many reasonable ideas for welcoming others to our great country would disappear.

Of course, the real answer is to end quotas and make all welcome here, who aren't criminals, or insane, or terrorists, while allowing them to earn citizenship here by demonstrating good behavior.

This great nation was made great by allowing, if not actually welcoming, many folks who had the gumption to try to get to this great land of opportunity. I realize most union folks don't want the influx of cheap labor, but the economic reality is it's better for business to find cheaper labor here, as opposed to getting it overseas.

massimo baiardi

common sense no nonsense candidate, last hope for republicans , opens the door for latinos and young people

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