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Will Rick Scott's charm offensive amount to a hill of beans?

Rick Scott seemed fascinated with the beans.

The Florida governor grabbed a package of Goya beans off the shelf and pointed out that packages have a special lining.

“On the inside,” Scott said, “it’s an anti-static. So the beans are a little bit dusty. But you never see it. Because it [the bean dust] doesn’t attach.”

Smiling and sweeping his right hand over the package, Scott last weeksounded almost like an infomercial host at the Goya food warehouse in Doral, where he hosted his 15th regular-guy workday.

“When I was growing up, in the grocery store, the bean bags were always cloudy,” he said. “They’re not like that anymore.”

This is the Rick Scott you don’t always see: down to earth, engaging and fascinated with the smallest of details — from the appearance of beans to a genuine interest in what tamarinds are.

Often, though, he’s guarded, aloof and muddling details to such a degree that it blows up on him.

And that’s the Rick Scott giving fellow Republicans heartburn these days.

Earlier in the week, Scott traveled to Washington and penned an op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times that, in the eyes of Florida budget experts, wildly inflated how much President Obama’s plan to grow Medicaid would cost the state budget.

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