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Will Rick Scott's charm offensive amount to a hill of beans?

Rick Scott seemed fascinated with the beans.

The Florida governor grabbed a package of Goya beans off the shelf and pointed out that packages have a special lining.

“On the inside,” Scott said, “it’s an anti-static. So the beans are a little bit dusty. But you never see it. Because it [the bean dust] doesn’t attach.”

Smiling and sweeping his right hand over the package, Scott last weeksounded almost like an infomercial host at the Goya food warehouse in Doral, where he hosted his 15th regular-guy workday.

“When I was growing up, in the grocery store, the bean bags were always cloudy,” he said. “They’re not like that anymore.”

This is the Rick Scott you don’t always see: down to earth, engaging and fascinated with the smallest of details — from the appearance of beans to a genuine interest in what tamarinds are.

Often, though, he’s guarded, aloof and muddling details to such a degree that it blows up on him.

And that’s the Rick Scott giving fellow Republicans heartburn these days.

Earlier in the week, Scott traveled to Washington and penned an op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times that, in the eyes of Florida budget experts, wildly inflated how much President Obama’s plan to grow Medicaid would cost the state budget.

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The problem with anyone getting on board with Governor Scott and going "all in" is that his staff is constantly making mistakes that make him look stupid.

This latest episode with the wrong numbers is a prime example.

Robert Jenkins

To claim the numbers used by this Governor, seems to be a trend within G.O.P's notable person's. It can be seen in many instances throughout the past sevral years. Yellow cake uranium, Mushroom cloud, mobile weapons labs,the Iraqi war paying for itself,Jeep moving "all" operations to China, and finally, the 47% comment. The last being ironic in the sense that it was Romney who garnered that number. So, getting excercised, about wrong, or even patently false numbers; should come as no surprise. What does bother "this" Republican most is this; the G.O.P. legislature,and the leadership of "my" party view "us" as stupid and unable to know the "truth" when "we" see it!!! That and that alone(unless drastically changed) will lead to the Democratic party to another 40 year reign of power.

Tally Folly

Rick Scott is the creepiest politician ever.
He is not even comfortable in his own skin, how can he make others comfortable with him?

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