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In another attack on Marco Rubio, Univision worker takes partisan Facebook whacks at "loser" Republican

Alex Angel 1A top assistant to an Univision news boss trashed Sen. Marco Rubio on the Facebook page of the Republican's aide, raising new questions about possible pro-Democratic, anti-Rubio bias inside the powerful Spanish-language network's Doral headquarters.

The latest incident began Wednesday night after Rubio's spokesman, Alex Burgos, announced the high-profile Florida senator would give the GOP's first-ever bilingual rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union speech.

That led Univision employee Angelica Artiles to let loose a string of partisan criticisms.

"Oh. wow, the loser is going to speak after our President," Artiles wrote on spokesman Alex Burgos' Facebook page at 9:33 p.m. Wednesday. "Anything to get publicity. Ask him to do us a favor and stay home that night."

Alex angel 2Sentiments like that reflect the prevailing political feeling among Univision's higher ups at its Doral headquarters, Univision insiders have told The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald for more than a year. Artiles is executive assistant to Daniel Coronell, Univision's vice president of news.

The network is owned by a major Democratic donor who has accused Rubio and other Republicans of having an "anti-Hispanic" stand on immigration that's "despicable."

In August, someone used Univision's official Facebook account to attack Rubio during the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

"Beyond his ideology, Rubio is a mediocre politician who contradicts the values he says he represents. Jeb Bush is more Latino and talented than him," the Facebook posting said.

When first alerted by the website BuzzFeed, Univision announced it struck the statement and replaced it with a statement in Spanish that translates, "An unpleasant comment not authorized by Univision News was posted on this page. That comment does not represent the views of Univision News and we have taken steps to ensure that this situation does not happen again."

And a year before that Facebook incident, Rubio clashed with Univision's news chief, Isaac Lee, when his news team decided to run a story about a quarter-century-old drug bust involving the senator's brother in law.

Angelica longUnivision began reporting the drug-bust story after Rubio rebuffed repeated interview requests with the network, which had been critical of Rubio's opposition to liberal immigration policies that Univision personalities have promoted.

Univision insiders and Rubio staffers told The Herald that Lee offered to soften or kill a story about about the drug bust if the Senator cooperated with the network by sitting down for an interview. Rubio refused. The story about the drug bust ran.

Lee denied offering a quid pro quo. He wouldn't speak with The Herald for its original piece, and instead issued a written statement. But after the report, Lee sat down with the New Yorker and admitted he did offer "options" to Rubio's staff, including Burgos, concerning his cooperation.

For this latest tussle, Burgos refused to comment.

Artiles didn't return an email, calls or a text message. Her Facebook account appeared inactive and she deleted her comments on Burgos' Facebook page, but not before others copied them and sent them to The Herald.

Univision had no comment.

Both Artiles and Burgos were far more talkative on Wednesday. After Artiles called Rubio a "loser," Burgos responded with an attack on Obama.

"While you may be content with mediocrity under this President, I am not," Burgos wrote. "And fortunately neither are patriots like Marco Rubio who have opportunities like next Tuesday night to offer an alternative way forward. I am proud to work for him and actually feel sorry for you for writing this."

Artiles shot back: "Patriot? LOL Alex Burgos."

She then used a diminutive term for Rubio's first name, "Marquito," and proceeded to compare him to a Disney dwarf, a "slave boy" and a "fool" who was passed over by Republican Mitt Romney on his presidential ticket last November.

Burgos stopped responding, but others took up Rubio's cause and attacked Artiles for being a "troll," internet slang for someone who posts inflammatory statements to gin up responses. The conversation went back and forth in English and Spanish.

"I see that all the mojoncitos ['little turds'] have come out to defend the principal turd, Marquito," she wrote in Spanish. "I am laughing all the way to the White House :)."

Chusma Curbelo angelicaCarlos Curbelo, a Miami-Dade Republican School Board member, joined the fray. Curbelo said he didn't realize Angelica worked for Univision until the day after the fact, when he confirmed her employment.

"Qué chusmería," Curbelo wrote Wednesday night, which roughly translates to something like "what riffraff."

Artiles: "Curbelo, the riffraff might be you. I haven't said anything 'riffraffy.' Wake up and join the Democratic Party unless you want to remain losers all your lives."

Curbelo: "I think it's riffraff to call 'losers' people who disagree with you on political matters. Your tone is deplorable and it's that same tone that keeps our elected officials from agreeing to take on great challenges that threaten the viability of our country. Lastly, even more riffraff is the use of the word 'little turds' to refer to professionals and parents who are expressing their opinions."

Artiles: "Curbelo, losers are the ones who lost the elections, this is what is called freedom of expression. We are all professionals and being parents is nothing out of this world, nor because of that does one stop being a little turd. And Marquito only wants to talk about immigration NOW because he lost. I know well all his lies and his vanity."

The exchange underscores the passion that Rubio and the issue of immigration provoke both outside Univision and inside its newsroom.

It also heightens conservative concerns that the network, the most-watched by Spanish-language viewers in North America, tilts its coverage in favor of Democratic-leaning immigration policy.

Some Republicans have complained that Univision's recent treatment of Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez -- a liberal immigration reform leader under FBI investigation -- has been far kinder than the network's interview of the Republican Rubio last year. Rubio and Menendez have joined forces to fashion a bipartisan immigration-reform plan.

After tussling with Univision in 2011, Rubio finally granted with Univision's Jorge Ramos, who has crusaded for the pro-immigrant DREAM Act that Rubio opposes.

Rubio had rebuffed Ramos numerous times before that, only to face the story about his brother-in-law's drug bust and the clash with Lee, the Univision news chief.

After The Herald reported about the conflict with Univision, Lee went on a public-relations offensive in which the New Yorker and Columbia Journalism Review. CJR failed to disclose it has a relationship with Univision and Lee, who was recently featured at a Miami event promoted by the journalism school and the network.

In the New Yorker piece, Lee didn't just admit that he offered Rubio's staff a deal. He also acknowledged it covers immigration with a bias.

'According to Univision’s news president, Isaac Lee, the network is openly committed to 'pro-Hispanic' immigration reform," the New Yorker wrote.

The owner of Univision, major Democratic donor Haim Saban, was more partisan than Lee and fumed in an email to the New Yorker over the way that the GOP presidential candidates boycotted a proposed Florida debate in January over the way the network reported on Rubio.

Said Saban: "The fact that Rubio and some Republican Presidential candidates have an anti-Hispanic stand that they don’t want to share with our community is understandable but despicable."

For Republicans like Curbelo, those comments are part of the atmosphere of Univision that undercuts the work of many good reporters.

"I was shocked to learn this was a Univision Network employee," Curbelo told The Herald. "This again points to an unfortunate anti-Rubio, anti-Republican culture at Univision which threatens the network's credibility and raises serious doubts about its political impartiality."

--- with Patricia Mazzei


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No me Gusta Marco

Patricia , it pretty lame for you to scrape or print people's comments from Facebook who don't like Marco Rubio, which is if I remember his last election, more than half of the State of Florida.
Rubio is a petulant child stammering for attention and hiding behind labels.
His policies are unchristian yet he is a christian, undemocratic, yet he calls himself a patriot. Rubio has ONE purpose to enrich those who allow him to wield power over others, and head stomp all those who do not make 6 figure sallaries.
He is a dangerous little boy.


Yeah, no liberal bias over at Univision!

Juan Rodriguez


I am glad liberal scum bugs can get called out by Miami Herald. Go crawl under a rock. Your views are not shared by everyone in Miami. Biased in the media should always be called out.


joe blow

awwwww.......poor little Marco. bravo to Ms Artiles for echoing what the rest us already know, Little Marco is bought and paid for by corporate america and supported by brain dead republican teabaggers.
he doesn't fool us and doesn't fool immigrants. we'll make sure Little marco never gets elected to another political office unless it's Hialeah City Commission!.


he defended the arizona law and the tea party.republicans lost all hispanic votes and now he is in favor of inmigrants. He is desperate...

Peter Mendiola

Bunch of Communist Scumbags at Univision.....they aren't even relevent.

Beatriz Maria

Que clase de chusma, y sucia esa mujer en su lenguaje, parece mentira que esa es la clase de gentuza que trabaja de television, y de ayudante de un directivo?... con razon se refleja la mafia que hay en las noticias y en la programacion toda la cloaca subyacente!!. Llevando sin duda sus puntos de vistas personales y obsecados a las campanas difamatorias!. asco de television en Miami!.


If anyone would actually do some research, and stop listening to the media, Obama's immigration plan is exactly the same as Rubio's plan. Would anyone care to do some research and find out who came up with the plan first?

Old friend

I would hate to have an administrative assistant like that woman. This country is falling apart by the basic principals that were once of value. Angelita seems like she's bitter about other things in life, maybe high school ?

Max Salfinger

Marco Rubio is a loser. I still remember his $150 hair cuts on the GOP credit card.


Angelica Artiles is the loser.
She is a bitter stupid woman who is risking her
"good" job by manifesting personal opinions that
no one asked her for.
Univision has no choice other than to fire her.

Gil Lucas

If this is the lack of quality and professionalism of the assistants that Mr. Daniel Coronell is surrounded by I feel really sorry for Mr. Coronell. The words posted by his Assistant, Ms. Artiles, show such poor choices of words that it's a shame that not only Mr. Coronell but also Univision employ this lack of professionalism individuals. The writing of Ms. Artiles really damages a respectfull Univision Organization. Ms. Artiles deserves not only a reprimend but perhaps to let her go from such an important post. It's extremely damaging for Univision to have a person with such narrow vision of political pluralism and showing such impartial behavior in an Organization of such wonderful reputation as Univision. This was a real shame!

mirta iglesias

Bravo Gil Lucas... I agree with you 100%

Gabe Meruelo

Ms. Artiles says she is a professional, but her language and demeanor is more like what one expects of the oldest profession. She's simply disgusting. We should all boycott Univision for allowing a representative to openly express those sentiments in such vile and low-class manner.

Cuco del Versailles

It looks like the reprimand that Angelica (AKA: Joe Blow at 8:20) got at work has forced her to continue attacking Rubio under cover.

Sticks and Stones

Ad hominem attacks just show the level of mediocrity of those who use them.

Tina Rocha

Ms. Artiles and Univision, I'm an Hispanic Democrat that is holding on by my fingertips. Artiles, good thing you can spout this nonsense from behind the safety of your keyboard and Univision, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Neither of you speak for me nor any Latina I know, you know the ones that balance the family checkbooks? Obama has done nothing but take more money out of our business leaving in its wake additional Latino unemployment and that is a fact so both of you just STFU.

Conservative Kat

Ms Artiles represents the reason why we as a country and a people cannot come together. Regardless of our belief system and political affiliations, we must learn to communicate with respect towards one another. The elections are over. We need to unite and work together towards a better future for all Americans. Shame on her for such language and shame on Univision for allowing such disrespectful behavior from any of its employees.

Luis Palacio

Ms. Artiles choice of words and journalistic demeanor make it look that she works for "GutterVision" rather than Univision. Regardless of national origin, race, faith or political affiliation we should learn to communicate and disagree with the dignity and respect we should have for one another. It is that dignity and respect that makes the United States of America the greatest country on the face of the earth.
Luis Palacio


Mr. Palacio, I agree. It is a matter of policy, tradition, and the right of the opposing party to voice their response to the President regardless of the party affiliation, so I am not even certain what she was ranting about. We are a great nation because we are able to disagree and communicate with respect and civility. Unfortunately, Ms. Artiles has no understanding of this concept. It's sad that she had to stoop to such a level, and sad that she may represent the views of a news media that should be reporting the news in a fair, just, and civilized manor not in such a vulgar and insulting fashion.


The Herald deleted my previous comment! Excellence in journalism, seriously!


Here we go again, hopefully the site administrator doesn't erase my post:

Those of you calling for Ms. Artiles' job choose to ignore freedom of speech! I agree that her comments were crude and inchorent at times, but we do not know the origin of these comments or the relationship between Rubio's aide and Ms. Artiles, who were friends on Facebook before this exchange. From what I've heard, Ms. Artiles, who's not a spokesperson, journalist, or reporter for Univision, was insulted and instigated by Rubio's supporters, yet the Herald chose not to report those comments in this blog entry. What is appalling is that the Herald chose to report something that took place on Facebook, involving two low level employees, with no decision rights whatsoever in their respective organizations. Again Ms. Artiles is a secretary, she doesn't influence the news or make any administrative or journalistic decisions! Worst of all, this back and forth took place on their personal pages and in no official forum! This is why the Herald remains a joke! And, for those of you calling for Ms. Artiles' firing, ask yourself if you should be fired from your job because you chose to voice your opinion, no matter how crude, stupid, or laughable it may be?!

Jonnhy Ramos

Why don't we, all the supporters of Marcos Rubio, go to the Univision building in order to demand anti-journalist Artiles and Jorge Ramos to be fired?... a journalist should be a neutral person, who offer clear and fear views of news, not somebody pushing people to be divided and turn hispanics against hispanics, If we don't do tha, we'll have to keep being disrrespected and humilliated by somedody with just the power to be in the social media.


Artiles is not a journalist. Even if she was a journalist, she has every right to say what she wants in a public forum. Read the first amendment in our Constitution. I agree a report or journalistic piece shouldn't be biased, but Artiles is neither a reporter nor a journalist. This whole story is stupid and an example of sensationalist reporting by the Herald.

Proud Cuban

My sewer is cleaner that Ms. Artiles mouth!!!!
Please, use some mouthwash, next time you speak.
Many people in Miami are just jeauleus, that a person, a Cuban, like Marco Rubio became so popular.
Univision exits in Miami, because Cubans made Miami and many of you that have a job today in Miami, is because, Cubans made Miami what Miami is today.
Miami was there since America is America and Miami was a dead city. What Miami is today, is because of the Cubans. Many of this people who does not like Mr. Rubio are not Cubans. They are people that came from other countries and never had the opportunities that Cubans has and they can not hide they dislike for this issue. Sorry guys, that is life!!! Envy kill people.....

Proud Cuban

Univion only talks about Mexican immigration and the laws to protect them.
They never talk of the thousands and thousands of immigrants coming from other countries, like China, Russia, India, Italy Haiti, Brasil, Israel, Arabs, Europe inself and nevertheless from Ireland. This is well know; Irishs are the most of illegals in USA and they concentrate in Boston and Jersey City NJ.
But Univision, for their convenience of TV ratings from the Mexican, the biggest populations of illegals, they always directs theirs news to spanish illegal immigrations, so those people who watch Univision will think, they are the only ones protected by this TV Station. They do this just for bussiness, as simple as it is!!!!


Oh please, what a joke some of these Rubio supporters are! They claim to be supporters of the first amendment, but then they call for Ms. Artiles to be fired for expressing her opinion. It's a typical response by the right-wing bullies that Senator Rubio is all too eager to lead! The Miami Herald and Marc Caputo should be ASHAMED of themselves for misleading readers by trying to link the personal beliefs of an employee that has ZERO editorial input, with the the views of the greater organization at large. Maybe Univision should send a reporter to hang around outside The Herald, and pick up some choice "editorial insight" from such obvious insiders as the delivery truck drivers or the cleaning staff. I'm sure we'll find ALL KINDS of controversial beliefs and inappropriate comments, although their journalistic value will about be the same as the garbage printed in this story. I hope Rubio's people don't have too many more favors to call in from these hacks. I would hate to have to cancel my subscription and find another way of lining my bird-cage!

Maria Gonzalez

Univision does not like Rubio. We get it! but the racial trashing is what we can't understand. Hidden behind a "pro" inmigration banner Univision goes ahead a offends Rubio with ethnic a racial epithets. Is it necessary? I guess Univision is pro immigrants as long as we do their lawns or clean their homes. As soon as any of us aims higher then we are the "little Mexican" or "cubanito". And all this cultural bashing courtesy of a Latin Broadcasst Media Outfit owned by non-latinos that has done its best to keep us uneducated.


Once again, Univision didn't offend anyone. An EMPLOYEE of Univision using her PERSONAL Facebook account did. The Herald has taken an irresponsible and unfounded leap by attempting to link the two.

Maria Gonzalez

There are many ways for a media business to support its causes and attack their opponents, ethnic and racial insults should not be one of them. That is why Univision should do the right thing and fire this employee. Of course, the non latino owners of Univision could care less. They need us at the lowest education level so they can keep pushing their programming.

Gloria Morales

angelica artiles salio de la peor cloaca de esta ciudad
pregunto, que hace esta chusma,vulgar, resentida etc..
en un medio de comunicacion ?


Creo que el desacuerdo que se tiene sobre el Senador Rubio, es unicamente que siendo latino, no se identifica con ellos. No apoya ninguna regularizacion de ilegales, no apoyo tampoco a los dreamers, y, tambien, al no dar su voto positivo para la renovacion del Acta contra la violencia hacia las mujeres. Donde esta? Quien sabe de que nacionalidad se crea. No tiene nuestro respeto porque el no respeta nuestro sentir como latinos... LOS QUE VENIMOS A ESTE PAIS CON LAS MISMAS INTENCIONES QUE SU FAMILIA. No le podemos aplaudir, esta contra la inmigracion, contra el derecho que tiene cada persona de ir a otro pais, no importa de que manera, en busca de mejores posibilidades de vida. Sin embargo, esta muy orgulloso de ser americano, EL SI, los demas que se frieguen porque vinieron a este Pais de forma ilegal. Sus padres se quedaron quiza ilegalmente hasta que, gracias a los politicos Democratas de aquel entonces y disque por lo del fracaso de la Bahia de Cochinos, les dieron la residencia permanente. Si no, hubieran venido de forma ilegal, como los 11 millones que estan ahora. Ademas, que es eso de acabar con el Social Security y el Medicare. Sus padres y abuelitos bien, y los que vienen atras, NO? No, no nos identificamos con el ni aprobamos su triste manera de actuar y pensar. Hay Americanos que aplauden la legalizacion con gusto y Rubio, ausente, le pone trabas y se hace el loco. COMO DICEN LOS CUBANOS...que se vaya al carajo!!!


It's absurd that this "news" even made it to the herald. I think we should be calling for the author's job - this isn't journalism.

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