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Another day, another Medicaid expansion poll

The Times/Herald has obtained yet another poll gauging Floridians' support of Medicaid expansion, this time conducted by left-leaning Public Policy Polling.

According to PPP, 62 percent of 551 Florida voters polled support Medicaid expansion. This result is similar to two other polls conducted on behalf of non-profit groups urging the state to accept federal dollars to reduce the number of uninsured residents. 

Here is how the question was framed: "You may have heard some things in the news recently about extending Medicaid. By investing $1.7 billion of state funds to extend health care coverage to at least one million, low-income Floridians who are children or working adults, Florida will receive nearly $28 billion from the federal government, while creating 56,000 new jobs in Florida. Do you support or oppose this approach to extending health insurance coverage?"

So far, only one poll has concluded that a majority of Floridians oppose Medicaid expansion. That survey by conservative James Madison Institute posed the question differently than the others, focusing instead on the long-term costs of expanding Medicaid.

The PPP poll was conducted February 22 through 24. It has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Download PPP Medicaid expansion poll


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This is the will of the people. Why do our Florida Republicans act otherwise? Because they sell out the will of the people to wackos and special interests to advance their self interest.

Thomas Heddle

There may be jobs created and those jobs are because of the federal moneys and that doesn't help the nation it hinders the nation, because we are stealing from Peter to pay Paul and no new jobs are created just more expense for those of use who work for corporate America and pay taxes that have increased this year already.

Get real people, Government does not create jobs they create jobs which we pay for in increased taxes.

We have three FREE Health Clinics in Jackson county and a new clinic to open soon. That will take care of the health needs of those with low income and no insurance. Plus we do a free Dental clinic in Jackson County.

REAL AMERICANS DON'T WANT HANDOUTS THEY LIKE WORKING FOR WHAT THEY NEED> If there is a "real" need we will take care of it. We Don't need the Government to take care of us, all we need to do is work and have the PRIDE of being an AMERICAN.

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