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Another revolution of the Tallahassee revolving door: Haridopolos lobbyist


You guessed it. The latest to cash in on the executive lobbyist windfall in Tallahassee, former Senate President Mike Haridopolos. He's gone to work for Railex LLC, a company that manufactures refrigerated rail cars to transport fruits and vegetables.

He joins former House Speaker Dean Cannon on the growing list of former lawmakers cashing in their clout to lobby the executive branch and Florida's $50 billion cache of in vendor-driven contracts and grants. 

The former Merritt Island lawmaker appears to be wearing several hats these days. He's still teaching a political science class at the University of Florida -- and can be seen at the Capitol occasionally with his class. Those trips will also come in handy as a lobbyist and his next new job, executive vice president of racing giant The Stronach Group. That group, represented by Haridopolos' good friend Marc Dunbar, is hosting the 8th annual gaming Congress at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Hollywood next week. 

Their keynote address? By Haridopolos. 


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Can't take anymore

If Lil Harridope is no more competent as a big time lobbyist than he was as president of the Florida Senate his days in this new career will be few. Two years age he thought he would be in the US Senate seat now occuppied by his old pal, Marcocito. It remains to be seen just how long he will be adjunct faculty at the UofF as his already fading influence evaporates. The freight car company may soon question the skills of the headhunter group that brought him to them.

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