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Dade delegation leaves Dolphins stadium off list of 2013 priorities

The Miami-Dade delegation of state lawmakers decided not to list the Miami Dolphins stadium deal among its legislative priorities for this year.

During a Wednesday meeting to plan out legislative goals for 2013, the Dolphins’ proposal was not even brought up, several members of the delegation said.

“The Dolphins bill is one of many member bills that was not discussed," said Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, R-Miami. “Not one legislator moved to make the Dolphins bill one of our priorities.”

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens and Rep. Eddy Gonzalez, R-Hialeah, would provide the Dolphins with a multimillion-dollar tax deal to help fund a $400 million renovation of SunLife stadium.

The measure cleared its first hurdler earlier this week with a unanimous vote in the Senate Commerce and Tourism committee.

It’s not clear whether the delegation’s decision to not prioritize the Dolphins stadium will affect the bill's chances of making it through the Legislature. The Dolphins deal already faces long odds in the Miami community because of the much-maligned Marlins deal that left taxpayers on the hook for a new baseball stadium near Little Havana. Miami-Dade County commissioners and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce have thrown their support behind the project.

Diaz said the delegation decided to focus on broader issues like education, property insurance rates and funding for Jackson Memorial hospital.

“These are the things that our constituents want us to concentrate on right now,” he said. 



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Jose Aguirre

Let the billionaire owner pay for his own roof Joe Robbie did! Current owner is a loser and Fins going no where under him. He even put five(5) million into Romneys campaign and bragged about how sure he was that lousy messenger Mitt would win in a cakewalk. No toff for this loser on our dime and Fireland while you are at it!


Hey Jose,

Mitt would have been a better choice than the clown you elected..

You are obviously a pee brain and don't know what you're talking about.

MBA Admission 2013

The Whales cope already encounters lengthy possibilities in the Las vegas group because of the much-maligned Marlins cope that remaining individuals on the connect for a new football ground near Little Havana.


Jose, if you knew anything, you would know that the owner IS putting up over half the cost for renovations. You are as stupid as the rest liberal morons in this country. The stadium is not owned by the Dolphins. It is owned by Dade County who leases it to the Dolphins to play on Sundays. The fact that an owner is willing to put up over half the cost for renovation says a lot about his willingness to help the community (not just his pockets). New renovations means a Superbowl L in Miami.

Vic Lagina

I agree with Paul, except for the liberal moron comment. Mr. Ross is being very generous here in putting up the majority of the money himself. It will very beneficial to the area to have the stadium upgraded. An upgraded stadium means more fans, more visitors, and the ability to keep the Super Bowl, which we are in line to lose without renovations.


Paul...you just won the moronic Post of the Day...Ross owns the stadium ,you douchebag.


You're right vic, ross owns both the team and the stadium. The county has no say so in this. If you're a private owner then please use private financing to get your renovations and super bowl. The marlins got over big time...enough is enough....


I must agree with Diaz on this on being education, property insurance rates and funding for Jackson Memorial hospital as the top priority.


was that VicLagina or LicVagina ?


The clock is ticking on term limits for Miami Dade commissioner's time of (not)serving in office.

Just seven more years until we can vote in a fresh bunch, who will hopefully have more fiduciary responsibility to working class taxpayers.

Joe Plummer

This seems like a great deal that will keep our community competitive and bring more super bowls and BCS Championship games to south florida. Sounds like a win for our economy in the long run even if we need to have tourists chip in a little. We chip in alot more when we travel to there cities!

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