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Former Davie mayor to run for Broward GOP chair

Former Davie mayor Tom Truex said today he is definitely running for the chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee.

Earlier this month, BREC chair Rico Petrocelli abruptly quit citing "irreconcilable differences" with his board -- and refused to elaborate. 

Truex is one of the best-known former Republican city officials in Broward. He won a seat on the Davie town council in 2001 and advanced to mayor two years later. He lost re-election to Democrat Judy Paul, another former council member, in 2009.

Truex is known for his socially conservative views -- he has fought against gay marriage and abortion. Republicans who have won elected office in Broward typically do so by emphasizing issues such as taxes and jobs -- not social issues. After suffering losses in 2012, nationally Republicans are talking about whether they need to change their tune on some social issues such as gay marriage.

Truex said there is room for Republican candidates to disagree, but he supports the national party platform.

"The national platform does not support gay marriage, it does not support abortion on demand," he said.

Truex, a commercial litigation and bankruptcy lawyer, said he can unite the party.

"I have managed to not get too embroiled in the factions in the county Republican party," said Truex, who narrowly lost a chair bid to Richard DeNapoli in 2010. DeNapoli decided not to run again in 2012.



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Not good for the party

Truex's only reason for running is because he thinks he can be appointed as a judge for serving as brec chair. That and scott spages bothering everyone about it. Not a good reason to run. He'll be another self-serving politician trying to reclaim his "glory days". Good luck with that.

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