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Liberal group: Fox radio 'mocked' wait of 102-year-old North Miami voter featured at State of the Union

From the liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America:

After glossing over state Republicans' role in exacerbating long lines at the ballot box, three Fox hosts mocked the hours-long wait and multiple trips a 102-year-old woman endured in order to cast her vote in 2012.

On Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade and Fox's Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer laughed off the difficulties 102-year-old Desiline Victor endured in order to vote in the 2012 election. Victor, who was invited to the State of the Union address and whom President Obama applauded for enduring a long wait to vote, had to make two trips to the polls and wait in line for over three hours before she was able to cast her ballot. Discussing Victor, MacCallum wondered, "What's the big deal?" and said, "This is such a non-issue. Ridiculous." Hemmer added that at the State of the Union, "They held her up as a victim. What was she a victim of?"

Full post, including audio, here. Read The Miami Herald story about Desiline Victor here.


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joe blow

typical FAUX news blowhards with their heads up their doo doo holes!


from your description of the statements made.. it doesn't sound like they were "mocking" anyone. They were questioning why this voters experience was used - i would venture to guess that she was used because she is 102 years old and her story would pull at the heartstrings of anyone who has an elderly family member. But they did not mock Ms. Victor.


They were mocking the idea that she should have had any reason to complain. Which is about standard. My experience with republicans is generally that they're mean and enjoy mocking people. I just tend to remind republicans when they so this that I had sex with their mothers and then point out that they can't take a lighthearted joke when they complain. I also forced their grandmother to wait in line for three hours to vote. She left, of course, but who did she think she was, anyway, feeling entitled like that?


This story may be categorized as simply "filler." In content, filler is on a par with spam. [I hope this comment offends someone somewhere somehow.]

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