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Marco Rubio hawks his PAC's "RUBIO" water bottle after Tuesday's SOTUr thirst-moment

Rubio water@MarcACaputo

The Republican savior is trying to turn water into campaign wine. Twitter reader @

After last night's weird moment of thirst during Rubio's State of the Union rebuttal (SOTUr), he started hawking water bottles for his PAC, Reclaim America. In return for $25, it's offering water bottles emblazoned with "RUBIO" in big red letters along with the name of the committee's website,

"Quench your thirst for conservative leadership? Order a bottle now #tcot #SOTU #gop," Rubio Tweeted this evening, with a link to the photo and website.

Rubio was Twitter's toast (both in the alcohol and bread sense) Tuesday night when he interrupted his live speech for three seconds to gulp Poland Spring water. Hours later, this morning, Rubio faced ABC and FOX and brought along a water bottle for a gag.

If you want to win when you lost or turn a weakness into a strength, this is the way to do it.

Will it be a good way to get money? He's certainly getting the attention.

Prior to being tapped for the speech, Time magazine dubbed Rubio the "Republican Savior" when it comes to immigration, which he's trying to reform with a bipartisan group of fellow senators. Liberals hate the moniker. Republicans like it. Rubio said only Jesus is the savior.

But where Jesus converted water into wine, Rubio's trying to turn it into coin.