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Miami Dolphins agree to referendum for stadium tax dollars

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to seek voter approval of tax dollars for Sun Life Stadium, with team executives dropping their objections to a referendum on the controversial plan, sources close to the matter said Saturday.

The Dolphins and County Mayor Carlos Gimenez plan to announce the referendum agreement at a press conference called for 8:15 a.m. Monday at County Hall, The Miami Herald has learned. Sen. Oscar Braynon, the Miami Gardens Democrat sponsoring a bill to bring Sun Life new state and county subsidies, would then change the proposed legislation to require a countywide vote on the plan, a source familiar with the Dolphins’ lobbying efforts said.

The Dolphins hope to get the issue before voters by May 22, when the NFL is expected to pick the host city for the 2016 Super Bowl, the 50th. The Dolphins have cited the bid to host that game as the reason to push for a quick decision on tax dollars to pay for about half of a proposed $400 million renovation.

Team owner Stephen Ross rejected the idea for a referendum as recently as last month, saying there wasn’t time. The apparent change in course comes days after Miami-Dade lawmakers left the stadium bill off their official list of priorities for this session in Tallahassee, a move that critics of the plan hailed as a big blow to the team’s chances in a Legislature already opposed to raising taxes.

By agreeing to a referendum, the Dolphins would test the lingering backlash against the 2009 deal that gave the Florida Marlins a new ballpark largely funded by taxpayers. The Dolphins see their plan as more palatable, since Ross has agreed to use private dollars to pay for at least $201 million of the project, with state and county funds paying for no more than $199 million.

Ross would likely use a mix of team and NFL funds, and some finance authorities have said NFL money could match the Dolphins’ contribution dollar for dollar.

The public money would come from a new $3 million state subsidy for Sun Life and increasing the county’s tax on mainland hotels to 7 percent from 6 percent. The Dolphins have proposed the same hotel-tax hike in prior years. A Miami Herald poll in October found 84 percent of Miami-Dade respondents were against spending tax dollars on the stadium, but that was before Ross’ pledge to use private dollars for a majority of the work.


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ted dahl

I'll no longer be a lifelong fan of the Dolphins if this fiasco takes place. Joe Robbie used his own money to build that stadium in '86 maybe selling the name and adding all the stars as co owners they should reinvest thier profits or share revenues with the taxpayers. Eitherway I already quit following the Marlins for this tomfoolery. Please don't take away my Dolphins and football. I would be devastated why can't millionaires invest thier own money instead of getting thier lobbiests to make taxpayers pay. I get quezy at the thought.


"but that was before Ross’ pledge to use private dollars for a majority of the work."Private money!!?? 201 mil public 199 mil!??!Throwing down a paltry extra 2mil an addition 1% compels Ms.Mazzei to observe that this is a majority of the funds!Nice objective reporting.No wondering the Miami Herald has so few subscribers and is not considered by many to be a credible source for news in S.Fla.

An informed voter

They already came to Miami Lakes with their dog and pony show, but they did not win me over.
My vote will be no and I think the majority of Miami Dade residents will vote no. Let Mr. Ross pay for his improvements, it is a privately owned stadium and he can certainly affort it.

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