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Poll: 7 in 10 back FL medical-marijuana plan, could affect governor’s race


As many as seven in 10 Florida voters support a state constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana – more than enough to ensure passage and possibly affect the governor’s race — according to a new poll from a group trying to put the measure on the 2104 ballot.

Medical pot’s sky-high approval cuts across party and demographic lines, with Republican support the lowest at a still-strong 56 percent, the poll conducted for People United for Medical Marijuana, or PUFMM, shows.

The outsized support of Democrats and independents brings overall backing of the amendment to 70 percent; with only 24 percent opposed, according to the poll obtained by The Miami Herald.

Regionally, voters from the Miami and Orlando areas, among the most socially liberal in the state, want medical marijuana the most.

Non-Hispanic white women, blacks and Hispanics — all Democratic leaning — are the most-likely to back the measure and could be more likely to turn out to vote in two years if the medical marijuana makes the ballot.

“Supporters of the proposed amendment are less certain to cast ballots in the 2014 governor’s race,” David Beattie, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s pollster, wrote in an analysis of the poll of 600 registered voters taken Jan. 30-Feb. 3 by his firm, Hamilton Campaigns.

If it made the ballot, the measure would draw even more attention to Florida’s nationally watched 2014 election in which Gov. Rick Scott will fight for his political life.

“The proposal to allow the medical use of marijuana could provide a message contrast in the Governor’s race,” Beattie wrote, “heightening its effectiveness as a turnout mechanism.”

But, Beattie warns PUFMM in a memo, “don’t frame turnout efforts on the passage of the ballot initiative in a partisan way.”

To that end, former-Republican-operative-turned-Libertarian Roger Stone is planning to join PUFMM’s efforts to give it a bipartisan feel.

A longtime backer of marijuana legalization, Stone, a Miami Beach resident, is seriously considering a run for governor, where he’ll likely advocate for the initiative called “Right to Marijuana for Treatment Purposes.”

On the Democratic side, former Nelson and Hillary Clinton fundraiser Ben Pollara, of Coral Gables, is signing up as the group’s treasurer. Pollara said they’ve had discussions with Eric Sedler, managing partner at Chicago-based ASGK Public Strategies, which he started in 2002 with former White House advisor David Axelrod, still a President Obama advisor.

“The poll numbers were very encouraging,” Pollara said. “But it’s still a Herculean effort.”

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Please publish the poll and the crosstabs. Dont believe this poll

Guy Baldridge

Oh God let it be so? I have suffered severe chronic pain from as far back as when I was injured during the Vietnam war, they have had me on morphine for over 40 years, it takes everything I can to think clearly, the pain isn't gone your just so doped up you can't think strait, if push came to shove I was going to try to move to colorado, but I've got screws and rods in my back and it's real hard for me to get around. Please if any of you who read this pass it along and if you have any Compassion for veterans who are suffering still, after a war we fought for this country, please VOTE for this MEDICAL MARIJUANA initiative in MIAMI! So in the name of all the Veterans, let me thank you for Voting to end our suffering and improve the quality of our life's, God Bless You All.

Velma Speelman

Marijuana has many medical uses and it's impossible to OD on it! It should be legal and regulated !

Phillip Dodge

Both the national and regional viewpoint on medical marijuana has been changing. If you saw the latest Intelligence Squared debate on PBS you see that former DEA head Asa Hutchinson clearly lost to Reason editor Nick Gillespie among a neutral audience indicated an overwheming agreement to legalize. In Florida, former die hard Republican Roger Stone has placed heavy emphasis on legalization in his potential gubernatorial run. Among other qualities, Stone is a veteran pollster and can smell the change in the
wind. With heavyweights like John Morgan in favor of legalization, too, one senses that the passage of medical marijuana legalization is a slamdunk in 2014.


I'm all for legalizing marijuana - its a plant with no known fatalities, it has medicinal uses and legalization would create much needed jobs and revenue. I fully support Stone in his candidacy for Governor. He is smart for trying to get this on the 2014 ballot

Maxine DuPont

Roger Stone is the only (potential) gubernatorial candidate who supports the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Stone’s support of medicinal marijuana is a smart move. It will force the other candidates to include it in public debates. Rick Scott would be wise to declare his support of medical pot. I've been a registered Republican for about 30 years and I support the legalization of pot for medical needs. It makes sense. It’s a lot safer than narcotic pain killers.


I know firsthand that god made herb for men, i's on the bible: “He causeth the grass for the cattle, and herb for the service of man.”(Psalms 104:14)... 150% pro MMJ decriminilization in state of FL, enough is enough... LEgalize it!! Jah Blessings 2 all the politics, lawyers, judges & activists that had done something for coming generations...Educate,medicate, spread the word!!:)

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