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Rick Scott to Obama: Prevent sequestration

Florida Gov. Rick Scott fired off a sharply worded letter to President Barack Obama that puts the pressure on the White House to prevent the sequester, or massive budget cuts, scheduled to go into effect Friday.

“If your administration fails to do its job to responsibly manage the budget, thousands of Floridians will lose their jobs," Scott wrote (and yes, the italicized emphasis is his own).

The governor goes on to express concerns about the effects sequestration could have on Florida's military installations and the greater defense industry across the state. He encourages Obama to replace these cuts with reductions in other areas of government, but doesn't say where.

Obama is scheduled to meet with top congressional leaders on Friday to discuss the spending cuts. So far, efforts to reach a compromise to avoid the sequester have not been fruitful. Tuesday, Scott issued a statement blaming both sides for failing to reach a deal.

“Sequestration means the Obama Administration and Congress failed to do their job to manage the budget," Scott said, in part. "As thousands of Floridians lose their jobs, the Obama Administration and Congress are getting paid for not doing theirs. That’s just wrong."

Download Letter to President Obama on Sequestration


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This is coming from the same clown who cost thousands of floridans their jobs just last year. Get out of our State Rick!

No More Rick Scott

Scott has his day with conservatives. We trusted him and he blew it. The party is over. Good riddance and good luck.

We will not stop, waiver or falter, until this backstabber is out office.


How about the 700,000 jobs Scott was supposed to create?? He's just using this to cover his own failures.

Fact Lee

He is so smart. Does the same thing as Obama.


rick scott everbody in florida hates you,please
go back to stealing money from uncle sam with
your hospital con game

Sean Hederman

Love it. The sequester does not give the executive any power to move cuts around, they MUST be across the board. The only group which can change that is Congress.

So maybe, Rick "I'm an idiot" Scott, you should write your letter to the REAL cause of the problem: Congress.

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