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Rick Scott's out-of-the-sunshine dream legacy: a six-block park in Tallahassee

Some governors left bronze statues behind. Others contributed a library or a sunroom to the Governor's Mansion.

Gov. Rick Scott envisions a legacy that would create Governor's Park, across a six block by three and a half block area in downtown Tallahassee.

The boundaries of the proposal are contained in a memo and maps that state officials attempted to withhold from disclosure in a lawsuit filed by Tallahassee lawyer Steve Andrews as part of a fight over land that once belonged to Gov. LeRoy Collins.

Citing Florida's public records law, a judge ordered release of documents that outline the park plan after reviewing 120 records that the Department of Environmental Protection tried to shield from public view.

"After conducting an in camera inspection of 120 emails, the court finds that 105 emails were public records … and improperly withheld from the plaintiff after a public records request,'' Circuit Judge John Cooper wrote in his Jan. 29 order. Story by Lucy Morgan here.


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Tally Folly

Rick Scott obfuscating the truth once again.
He is above the law after all.


Doubt it, probably just wanted to get all his ducks in a row before the morons in the peanut gallery started chirping...

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