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Sen. Joe Abruzzo to FL Attorney General Pam Bondi: investigate NCAA 'abuse of power' in UM case

State Sen. Joe Abruzzo, D-Wellington, wants Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate the NCAA for its tainted investigation into the University of Miami. Abruzzo, who doesn't look like he attended UM, cc'd U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the following letter:

I respectfully request that your office begin an investigation into the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) actions during its probe of the University of Miami’s athletic program.

NCAA Enforcement Staff violated its own rules and engaged in corrupt behavior in an attempt to manufacture misdeeds against the University of Miami. In so doing, the NCAA has demonstrated a lack of institutional control and may have engaged in unfair trade practices in violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), Chapter 501, Florida Statutes. Since your office is the enforcing authority of FDUTPA, I am requesting that the NCAA’s admitted wrongdoing be investigated immediately before the NCAA’s witch hunt against the University of Miami causes further damage.

Among other acts of wrongdoing, the NCAA was so desperate to gather evidence against the University of Miami that it made improper payments to a convicted con artist and his lawyer for information that it was not allowed to obtain. The NCAA, which does not have subpoena power, paid thousands of dollars to the con artist’s lawyer to gain subpoenaed witness testimony in a bankruptcy case, so that the forbidden information could be used in its investigation. Not only does this abuse the bankruptcy process, but it clearly circumvented the limits of the NCAA’s authority. All of these improper activities occurred in South Florida, within the jurisdiction of your economic crimes division.

In addition, the NCAA advised potential witnesses that their silence would be interpreted as validating the claims of the criminal, Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro. This unethical behavior and lack of due process by the NCAA should not be tolerated in our State.

The NCAA’s admittedly corrupt investigation has now dragged on for more than two years, and the University of Miami has suffered through this abuse of power. While the NCAA has been paying off a criminal and his lawyer for forbidden fruit, the University of Miami has tried to work cooperatively with the NCAA and has even self-imposed serious sanctions that included a two-year bowl ban and a conference football championship game.

I strongly feel that the NCAA’s abuse of power and payoffs must be scrutinized to the fullest extent, especially considering the NCAA’s role as a regulatory institution of more than 400,000 students across the nation. Thank you for your consideration.


Senator Joseph Abruzzo

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UM should get absolutely hammered. Stop your whining, UM. Man up and accept responsibility for the numerous rules you broke, and the culture of cheating you have fostered.

Nevin Shapiro wouldn't have been tolerated at Florida or Florida State, hanging out with the athletes, having parties with them, bringing them girls, giving them gifts, then giving millions of dollars in stolen money to UM so he could run on the field with gold chains - all in front of coaches and administrators every single week.

Miami deserves what they get and when cane fans squeal like this, it demonstrates how clueless they are.

Pam Bondi needs to do her job and stay out of college athletics.


This Senator said it right!!! About time!



you have literally gotten every singel fact in your comment wrong.. I mean EVER single items LOL

1. "Nevin Shapiro wouldn't have been tolerated at Florida or Florida State,"
BOTH Florida & FSU . FSU was as early as 2009. Just because those schools haven't been caught doesn't mean they don't have people paying players money and gifts you.
2. "giving millions of dollars in stolen money to UM"
Total amount given to UM was $50,000 that Miami returned to the Trust. So this "Millions" you are getting is a number that YOU made up. nowhere, in any report not even in shapiros report the word million exist. you literarily made that statement up

3. The reason why Shapiro was on the sidelines / on the field was because he wont an auction for charity and the prize was to be on the field for a UM game. I have NO clue why you use "with gold chains" in your statement considering there is gold, diamond and plat jewelry on coaches, refs etc all over the field. This is an attempt by you to try to make this situation look bad without really any facts.

4. " every single week."
Shapiro was on the field for I think 1 game only ..the charity that he won.. so you actually made up a lie here. you don't know any facts or you didn't even read this anywhere you actually just made it up LOL

5. "Miami deserves what they get and when cane fans squeal like this, it demonstrates how clueless they are."

after reading your comments I can confidently say YOU have ZERO clue. I would go as far as call you a Liar because you made up information and statement as facts.

Actually come to think of it.. your train of thought is exacly what got the NCAA in trouble.

SO. again.. ALL of your points were either wrong or you just simple made up information.. have a GREAT day.


This is SPOT on. The NCAA is totally out of control.

And to this Jake fellow, you are clueless buddy. Both Florida and Florida State have been slammed by the NCAA for LOIC in the past, and have many boosters and have been caught in scandals as well. ALL big college football programs have big boosters, and some of them cross the line. In Miami's case, 90% of what was alleged was utter nonsense and has never been proven. A few meals and drinks bought at some clubs is the kind of minor "violations" that take place in EVERY college town in America.

The NCAA is totally out of control. They took the word of a professional liar with a vendetta against UM, spent millions of dollars, and now broke the rules just to try to railroad UM so they could save face. Shame on the NCAA.

Loki Pan

What a waste of taxpayer dollars!!!! You self imposed admitting guilt so take your medicine. If I ran a red light and then self imposed driving my car - can I argue that I suffered enough once I get the ticket in the mail?

Sarasota 'cane

Sorry Jake, THE U invented Swagger! By the time this is finished the top 4 NCAA peeps will be fired, Perez will be disbarred and you will still be our byotch!

Go 'canes!

Gene K

Jake R, Look at the arrests at UF in past 3 years and all of the acts of violence against Women by the football players. R U serious or just stupid? ope.

Sarasota 'cane

Loki Pan - what medicine, purple drank? Get over your self we got some canes over here. Hopefully, this Senator will get gay marriage passed too. If so, I would propose to CutlerRidge Laz in about one second!

Go 'canes!


We going to skate meng.

Gene K

No. But if you paid the ticket before it arrived in the mail................ duh!


Jake R, lets sup[pose you are 100% right..which you are not. But let's say for the sake of argument you are... we have already been under probation for 3 years...3 recruiting classes have been affected...FSU and Florida and Bama and Louisville and Arkansas, have all negative recruited Miami saying we were going to get the Death penalty...we had 7 kids decommit from Miami in the last 2 recruiting cycles because of fear of pending doom. PLUS we self imposed 2 bowl bans, plus a a ACC championship game... I say enough is enough.


Hey Loki Pan, if you ran a red light, the only thing I would hope for is that JakeR was going in the other direction, and the world would be rid of TWO idiots in ONE fiery crash.

Can Sayno

Go Cains!!!! And to all the naysayers...who have lost to us time and time again...To Bad!!!


To Gene K, The self imposed "medicine" was due to Miami knowing that allegations were brought against them which the school then informed the NCAA about. They "UM" wished to heal any damage immediately. The NCAA has held off on giving proper allegations in this case to build the "witch hunt" and the school was intending on helping the NCAA throughout this whole investigation.

Furthermore why are you talking about something you clearly know nothing about. Become informed... then you can debate the facts. Don't come in her like some shill artist complaining about your "tax money"


Sorry Gene, I meant LOKI

Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama

The NCAA has held off on giving proper allegations in this case to build the "witch hunt" and the school was intending on helping the NCAA throughout this whole investigation.

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