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Suspected ringer-candidate in David Rivera case to plea guilty


A former candidate whose suspicious campaign finances led to an FBI investigation of him and former Congressman David Rivera plans to plead guilty next Wednesday in federal court to conspiracy and false-statement charges.

The change of plea by Justin Lamar Sternad was expected to happen soon because he's cooperating with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Sternad has told investigators that Rivera's friend, Ana Alliegro, was his campaign manager and helped steer secret money to his congressional campaign against the former congressman's rival, Joe Garcia, who went on to beat Sternad in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary. Garcia then defeated Rivera in the general election.

Rivera has denied wrongdoing. Alliegro's whereabouts are unclear.

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It would sure help if you guys get the right parties correct...WOW!!!


Congressman David Rivera is on the right and Justin Lamar Sternad is on the left.

Alberto N Jones

I can imagine this rat spilling his guts in the FBI and District Attorney's office, forcing David Rivera and his runaway female accomplice, to swallow every Immodium pill they can get into their dirt hands, on their way to the big house.

You have got to be kidding me

RAT??? More like a chump!. Sternad was duped by very sophisticated characters. Stenrnad was a bum hotel worker while Rivera and Alliegro concocted their plan and this guy took the fall. I'm sure he got paid for it...

I would classify him a RAT as well, if they were long time friends and conspired to rig the election, I see it more like they found the perfect "sucker"

Such is Miami. Nothing will ever change!

Philipe Ricardo

This is standard MO for the Feds when they want the bigger fish they throw a net over the little fish and then make them a deal for the BIG Fish..in this case David Rivera and the M.I.A.Alliegro's whereabouts are unclear. ....the water in the Miami River must be cloudy.


Get-Your-Act-Together, it has been explained that Rivera the Republican was trying to run Sternad the Democrat in the Democratic primary so that Gloria Romero Roses might win because Rivera thought could beat her.

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