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Tickets, fraud probes and deaths: What Rep. Daphne Campbell says about citizens legislature, Miami-Dade

A Campbell family minivan has racked up five tickets for running red lights since 2010.

Most citizens would slow down. But Daphne Campbell isn’t like most citizens.

She’s a Democratic state representative who has another way to deal with future red-light tickets: file legislation to ban the traffic-surveillance cameras that shot video of her husband’s Honda Odyssey breaking traffic laws.

It could seem like a conflict of interest. But as long as a lawmaker’s bills don’t benefit him or her or a family member uniquely, it’s generally not a conflict of interest.

This is the state of ethics in the Florida Legislature. It’s a citizens’ legislature of 160 part-time lawmakers. They theoretically come from all walks of life and private professions.

This is representative democracy.

And Campbell, of Miami Shores, represents so much more in Miami-Dade.

Many citizens run red lights in Miami-Dade. Campbell is from Miami-Dade. And someone in her family ran red lights five times.

Miami-Dade is also a Medicaid fraud capital. Campbell and her husband own businesses that bill Medicaid. And the state’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit began investigating them two years ago. Their son, 30-year-old Gregory Campbell, faces Medicaid fraud charges in an alleged $300,000 scheme.

Many in Miami-Dade have tax problems. Campbell is from Miami-Dade. And she and her husband last spring were slapped with $145,000 worth of liens. The IRS also began examining the Campbells over financial transactions involving a web of family healthcare businesses. Two former business associates told The Herald and IRS that the Campbells scammed them.

Miami-Dade has questionable mortgages..... and guess what?

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Miami ex-Pat

So what else is new with respect to politicians from Miami-Dade County?? Many, if not most of them, seem to be instilled with the Lance Armstrong mentality--e.g., "everyone else is doing it, so why not me, even if it is illegal." Then when they get caught it's the same old retort of "they're out to get me!" Don't know why she and her family haven't plead, "the system is out to get us because we're a minority."

Her constituents must not care whether this family is totally disfunctional. She won the election fair and square...or did she?

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