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March 17, 2013

Jennifer Carroll ready to move on

The New York Times scored a 25-minute interview with former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. Here's an excerpt from their story:

"I offered everything that I could to the administration,” Ms. Carroll said on Saturday, in her first interview since resigning. “I believe I did a fantastic job.”

Despite a tumultuous week, Ms. Carroll said in a 25-minute interview that she was ready to move on and that she viewed her resignation as a setback rather than a catastrophe. She said she was already fielding offers and was weighing a jump into corporate life, community service and, perhaps later, a return to politics.

“People are calling me asking me to run for this, that and the other thing,” said Ms. Carroll, 53, who is married with three grown children. “I say, you know what? First of all, I am going to spend time with my family, because for the last two years it’s been very difficult.”

After flunking running-mate test, Rick Scott gets a do-over


A first major test of how a candidate might govern: choosing a running mate.

Rick Scott flunked that one.

On Tuesday, just seven days into Scott’s third regular legislative session, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned amid a racketeering investigation of Allied Veterans of the World, an Internet gambling operation that masqueraded as a charity .

“I have no knowledge that she broke the law,” Scott told reporters the next day.

For a candidate who campaigned to clean up Tallahassee and fight special interests, that’s a tough line to deliver.

Now he gets a do-over pick, a campaign-trail make-up exam.

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