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Bi-partisan love for gay marriage in Broward?

Updated with a response from Truex at the end:

Broward Democratic Party chairman Mitch Ceasar has sent a letter to his Republican counterpart Tom Truex to ask him to join in supporting same-sex marriage. 

Ceasar noted the recent polls that have showed increased support for gay marriage and the support by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

"Please join me in this civil rights/human rights cause," Ceasar wrote.  "RNC chairman Reince Priebus stated that Republicans need to be more inclusive. I agree with your national chairman."

The Broward Republican Executive Committee elected Truex, a social conservative, as their leader earlier this month. But it may not have been his stances against gay marriage and abortion that won him votes from fellow activists -- Truex gave a more passionate speech than his opponents and has more political experience as a former mayor of Davie. Truex also came across as a straight-shooter nothing-to-hide guy: he disagreed with a past policy to close the election to the press.

"The perception of the Republican Party isn’t that great,” he said on the night of the internal party election. “The way to improve the reputation of the Broward Republican Executive Committee isn’t to hide silly things we do, but to stop doing so many silly things.”

Truex was elected at a time when there is growing public support for gay marriage -- including from some Republican politicians nationwide. Truex has talked about the need to grow the Broward GOP -- the question is if it can attract new members including young voters in the state's most liberal county without re-examining gay marriage.

Truex told the Miami Herald before his election that he believes there is room for Republican candidates to disagree but he supports the national party platform which does not support gay marriage.

On Wednesday Truex said "The institution of marriage is something that was not created by polls. It's lasted for thousands of years without polls so I think it would probably be prudent not to attempt to change that institution based on what the polls are this year."

Truex also said that the definition of marriage in Florida "ought to be decided in Florida not by residents of some other state."