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Brodeur mum on expose of Grant's company

The non-denial denials continue on a WTSP-Ch. 10 report on a $2.6-million grant awarded in Hardee County to a company owned by Rep. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa.

We won’t rehash the details. For that, go here.

Grant has said he is reviewing his options about what to do, but said so far he hasn’t demanded a correction, usually the first-step taken in a defamation suit.

The other lawmaker involved in the project was Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, who was paid between $48,000 and $65,000 for his work as a health consultant.

When asked Tuesday about the story, Brodeur declined comment.

“I’d prefer not to say anything because there may be pending litigation,” he said.

Is it a dodge or a sign that Grant and Brodeur will sue?

Time will tell....


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Blood in the water.

It smells but,,,

But this guy is an expert on pension issues. If there is less money going to pensions (debatable) there is more for him and his buddy.

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