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Broward GOP may ban recordings at forums

Trackers beware! Broward Republican Executive Committee interim chair Christine Butler, has proposed that no one be allowed to record forums this week featuring candidates running for the chair position -- unless they agree to provide a fully copy within 24 hours to all the candidates.

We asked Butler about her proposal after we read her list of rules on browardbeat.com. We asked: shouldn't you assume that anytime you are in  public you could be recorded?

"I suppose that is true," she said.

Media will be banned from the March 18th election in which only BREC members can vote. (These steps aren't really new -- a former chair Richard DeNapoli only allowed BREC official recordings and banned media from an election.)

BREC is electing a new chair after Rico Petrocelli abruptly quit after about two months citing "irreconcilable differences" with his board. Candidates include Butler, former Davie town mayor Tom Truex and activists Bob Sutton and Jim Gleason.

Butler says banning media allows for  a "full and free interchange,  exchange of ideas without fear of misrepresentation."

Or we could put it another way: it reduces -- maybe -- the change that media and bloggers can report internal warfare. When practically everyone carries a recording device, this rule may be unrealistic.

Broward Democrats have plenty of fighting before, during and after their elections but they don't close them to the media.

"I consider the public's right to know more important than a petty political squabble that would be erupting," Broward Democratic chair Mitch Ceasar said.


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