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Charlie Crist and the curiosity surrounding his flight on Air Ramba

Is someone stalking Charlie Crist?

The former governor last month was a passenger on a private plane owned by Tallahassee lobbyist Dave Ramba, who runs an air charter service. The flight was chartered by Fowler White, a Tallahassee law firm, and nobody but Crist and the law firm knew about the flight.

Ramba said he was surprised when he was later asked by a client who came to his office demanding to know, "Why are you flying Crist around?"

Ramba said he then checked the flight calendar and realized that on the date, Feb. 19, the plane had been leased by Fowler White, but he doesn't keep a record of the passengers. 

“Somebody had to have been tracking Charlie for it to have come back to me,’’ Ramba said.

Ramba wouldn’t disclose who asked him about the flight but believes “somebody saw [Crist] get on the flight and took down the tail number” to track it to Ramba’s air charter service.

The law firm says it chartered the plane to take Linda Shelley, a Democrat and former chief of staff to former Gov. Lawton Chiles, to Fort Lauderdale from Tallahassee. She was there for law firm business and then attended an environmental forum at St. Thomas University School of Law. Crist was at the same forum along with former governors Bob Graham and Buddy MacKay.

Shelley, who was traveling back to Tallahassee, asked Crist if he needed a ride back to his home in St. Petersburg. Crist accepted.

“It was fairly last minute,’’ Shelley recalled. “He said he had never been in a plane that small. He called it a mosquito.”

John M. “Mac” Stipanovich, a Republican lawyer in Fowler White's Tallahassee office and a supporter of Scott, said that with Crist rumored to be a potential candidate for governor again, this time as a Democrat, it would not be unusual for potential opponents to be tracking him.

“I would be more surprised if the governor’s campaign team isn’t keeping track of Bill Nelson and Charlie Crist,’’ he said.

Scott’s spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said she “had no idea” whether anyone associated with the governor was involved and referred questions to the Republican Party of Florida.

Lenny Curry, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, said he doesn't know anything about tracking of airplane tail numbers but said, "I've got volunteers all across the state and they're hanging out in trees with chameleons. If he's out there giving a speech, we’re watching." 

Crist says he's heard of tracking candidates "but tracking a non-candidate is taking it to a new level."

He said he remains surprised that the Republican Party of Florida ran ads against him last fall. “Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by anything,’’ he said.


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Salacious Parties Memories

Scott flies his own plane bought with the medicaid fraud money from Columbia/HCA given to him to quit as CEO.


The RPOF Chairman is ridiculous. Sounds like he was drunk when he gave that statement. How is he still Chairman?

That Was Informative

Charlie Crist hand-picked Jim Greer as RPOF Chairman and Crist has the audacity to question the operations of the party?

Wonder if Charlie will visit Jim in prison?

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