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Ex-Davie mayor says Brow GOP meeting should be open to media

When the Broward Republican Executive Committee meets Monday night to elect a new chair, media won't be allowed to attend. Interim chair Christine Butler says she plans to continue the rule in recent years of banning media at the election and the rule banning recording of meetings (except BREC sometimes makes an official recording of a speaker.) She says that allows for a full exchange of ideas.

But one of Butler's main opponents for the internal election, former Davie Town Mayor Tom Truex, disagrees with those policies.

"People think you have something to hide when you don't conduct business in an open manner," Truex said. "We are the minority party in this county so everywhere we go we should expect we will be open to scrutiny. We do not do anybody any favor when we try to hide the goings on in our meetings."

Other candidates include activists Bob Sutton and Jim Gleason.


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Where is Lenny Curry?

Well Read

Lenny Curry is not a good RPOF Chair, the last chairman who really got anything done was Jim Greer, say what you will about Greer, but at least he was really in charge.


Does an RPOF Chairman still make the same as Greer did, including perks?

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