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Ex school board member Bev Gallagher released from prison

Former Broward School Board Member Bev Gallagher was released from prison March 8, according to online Federal Bureau of Prison records.

Gallagher was arrested in 2009 on corruption charges. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 37 months. Last year, she was transferred to a Miami-area halfway house to serve out the remainder of her term. Gallagher took bribes from undercover agents posing as contractors -- stuffing some money in a doggie bag at a restaurant.

Call it the circle of (corruption) life in Broward: Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson will likely be the next ex-politician to land behind bars.

On Monday, Hutchinson is expected to enter a guilty plea in her 2011 third-degree felony case. Prosecutors say she supported a developer's project as he did handyman work on her home -- including installing a toilet and changing lightbulbs. Hutchinson, a 56-year-old who served three terms, is expected to get four months jail.


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Capt. Crabby

So since Gallagher's political affiliation isn't mentioned in the story would it be fair to guess that she's a Democrat?

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