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Fact-checking Will Weatherford on pension reform

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford made his case for a dramatic overhaul of the Florida Retirement System on the opening day of the legislative session, arguing the pension fund is not in as good of shape as people say.

"This session, we will spend $500 million of general revenue just to shore up our pension fund," he said. "That’s above and beyond what we contribute to state employees’ retirement. And it’s just the down payment. We’re going to have to keep writing that check of a half a billion dollars for the next 28 years to keep our so called ‘great pension system’ afloat."

PolitiFact Florida fact-checked his statement and found Weatherford omitted key details that would have painted a more complete picture of the pension fund's health.

Read why we rated it Half True.


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Max Salfinger

Weatherford is retarded.

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