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Gov. Rick Scott shows love to the 305 in State of the State Address

What did Tuesday's State of the State Address have in common with a Pitbull concert?

Gov. Rick Scott, momentarily channeling Mr. 305, gave shout-outs to several prominent Miamians in attendance.

The mentions included Goya Foods of Florida President Frank Unanue.

Unanue, who welcomed Scott to a recent “work day” at Goya Foods in Miami, said he was honored that the governor invited him to attend the Legislature's opening ceremonies -- and mentioned his name in Tuesday's speech.

“I think the state has turned around,” Unanue said in an interview after leaving Scott's office. “We’ve been growing. And I see it around in the community as well… You see people going out and moving, going out to clubs and restaurants. You see the economy moving again.”

Also mentioned: PortMiami Director Bill Johnston.

"When the Miami port dredge project is completed, along with the Panama Canal expansion, thousands of new jobs will be created," Scott said, before asking Johnson to stand and be recognized for his work.

Johnson, who also chairs the Florida Ports Council, said he was "elated" that the governor recognized the importance of the state ports system.

"The governor has been instrumental in terms of moving the Florida economy forward through its ports and airports," Johnson said. "He really understands to grow the economy through the efficient movement of goods and people."

Another South Floridian got a nod from the governor, but was not able to attend Tuesday's speech.

Once a victim of human trafficking, Allison Good now works with young girls trapped in similar situations in Palm Beach County. Scott called Good "a warrior in the battle to end this horrific crime."

Toluse Olorunnipa contributed to this blog post.


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Robert Jenkins

So Gov. Scott wants to take credit for all the Federal Monies going into the Ports and Airports? Wasn't he the same guy who turned down Federal monies for improving rail systems here in Florida? Didn't he (at one time) rail against and use fraudulent figures to disprove his opposition to "Obama" Care? Yes "I" believe he is,or was, or the guy that wants to get re-elected so bad he will turn back flips to get it done. No one and done Rick doesn't know how to stop spinning. Just like a top you wind the string tightly one direction and spin in the opposite direction. Who knew "he" is actually a liberal? Guessing he's taking a page from Mitt Romney's play book; say anything to get the job; then say anything to keep it!!! LOL


If his board of directors looked at the return on investment from Scott's programs and execution he would have been long ago fired. Thank God we have the ability to fire him in the next election.

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