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Gov. Rick Scott's claim about $36m to ease disabled waiting list

In 2011, Republican Gov. Rick Scott gave his State of the State address to a tea party rally in Eustis. He called for spending and tax cuts and bashed Washington, D.C.

Flash-forward two years later, and Scott’s State of the State called for helping the poor by expanding Medicaid, boosting teacher pay and increasing funds to help people with disabilities.

"For the first time in eight years, our budget also increases funding for persons with disabilities by $36 million to help more disabled people receive community-based services, and $2.5 million for job training."

An image of a softer, kinder governor? Yep. But were his words accurate?

PolitiFact decided to research if Scott has proposed more money to help more people with disabilities receive services, and if that occurred for the first time in eight years. (Scott’s tenure started in 2011.)


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Robert Jenkins

What's that smell? Oh, it smells just like a primary for Governor Scott!!! You almost feel sorry for him; almost!!! He seems to be trying the Mitt Romney's "change" on the fly routine. How'd that work for the Mitt man?

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