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Internet gaming interests in lieutenant gov. scandal showered Tallahassee pols with $1.3m


Republicans who control the Legislature sure are against gambling. Unless they want a gambling company to bet on their political future.

Just look at all the cash that was contributed by and on behalf of Allied Veterans, the internet gambling company that resulted in nearly 60 arrests in two states along with the resignation of Florida's Lieutenant Gov. Jennifer Carroll.

The Orlando Sentinel ran some numbers:

An Orlando Sentinel analysis of the 112 entities revealed through the Allied probe identified at least $1.3 million in contributions to dozens of state candidates, Florida political parties and other funds legislators control during the past four years. Those tendrils have sent both the state Republican and Democratic parties scrambling to identify how much money they accepted and what to do with it.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry said his party "is examining financial contributions that may be connected to any entities affiliated with the investigation and we are reviewing the most appropriate options."

A Democratic Party spokeswoman said they were doing the same. "We will determine how to move forward once that is completed," FDP spokeswoman Brannon Jordan said.

It's not just the parties, though RPOF clearly has received the lion's share, with at least $233,000 coming from the main company, International Internet Technologies; FDP only received $67,000. In big checks and small checks, top lawmakers have received cash from the companies, which have contributed to their main campaign accounts or their political committees.

So while House Speaker Will Weatherford got a puny $500 from International Internet Technologies, Senate Ethics and Election Committee Chairman Jack Latvala received $40,000 in two big checks cut to his Florida Leadership Fund. Future House Speaker Jose Oliva of Hialeah received $5,000 in his Conservative Principles for Florida committee and Senate budget chief Joe Negron hauled in $25,000 with his Florida Conservative Action Committee.

Gotta love the use of "conservative" in hauling in all the dough from gambling interests.


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Duval REC

What did Lenny Curry know?


Some of us have been telling y'all in the press that these folks and their fellow travelers in the neighborhood gambling parlor business are evil.

But y'all mainly chose to look the other way, just because some incompetent prosecutors couldn't get them convicted under Florida gambling statutes.

And the huge thing y'all didn't notice, even though y'all were told, is that for those years of the Great Recession, when these cafe casinos mushroomed, the hundreds of millions of "sweepstakes" cash they took in--"it's just like Lottery scratch-off tickets" these gangsters say--came precisely right out of the state Lottery's scratch-off games.

Imagine that!


Geez Caputo how long have you been a political reporter?

Weatherford got millions from the industry via his slush fund, his account at the Republican Party, through his leadership team, and by way of other incoming speakers. How foolish to just look at his campaign account. This aint checkers Mark. Its chess.

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