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Jeb Bush, Miami GOP mourn passing of Mary Ellen Miller

Mary Ellen Miller, a revered Republican elder stateswoman who rose through party-activist ranks to twice chair the party in Miami-Dade County, died Wednesday at her Venetian Island home.

She was a dignified, private person who declined to discuss her illness, which took even close friends by surprise, according to Liliana Ros, a longtime GOP committeewoman and friend.

Often compared to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Miller advised Republican governors, local officials, members of Congress and the Florida Legislature.

She was known for being as discreet as she was connected. It’s said that she never spoke ill of anyone, even Democrats.

“Even after she retired, we still went to her,’’ Ros said. “She knew everything: state laws, party laws. She was very gentle, sweet. She had no ego, and that in politics that is very unusual. … She would get upset if you praised her.’’

Over the years, Miller supported Sen. Marco Rubio, former U.S. Rep. David Rivera, both Bush presidents, and former Gov. Jeb Bush, among others.

“Mary Ellen was a great Republican and an even finer person,’’ Jeb Bush, who’d been the county’s party chairman in the 1980s, wrote in an email. “No one worked harder. No one was more committed. You could count on Mary Ellen Miller, and everyone did.’’

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For all the accolades, she was still a Republican.


For the Republican Party hater, Mary Ellen was anything but hateful. She was there for every minority group and never turned anyone away for any reason. She represented a different era of politics when politics was more local, when the US represented a shining city on a hill and the tone was never as charged with vitriol as today. Politics today has degenerated into a frenzy about appearance instead of substance. I for one would bring back a time when people like Mary Ellen lead and made this country the envy of the world.


Rest in Peace Mary. I did though hear she died of embarassment at what had become of the republican party. Talking to close friends of hers; it is said she truly was saddened at the tack of the party. She will be missed; she was a good person!!!

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