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Jim Greer sentenced to 18 months in prison

Jim Greer, hand shaker, party thrower, power seeker, former head of the Republican Party of Florida, was sentenced in Orlando on Wednesday to 18 months in state prison.

Greer, 50 and a father of five, last month pleaded guilty to money laundering and theft charges, admitting he had created a company called Victory Strategies to siphon to himself and an associate some $200,000 of party donations.

Wednesday's sentencing in Courtroom 6B at the Orange County Courthouse marked at least the legal end of a years-long saga that was unflattering for state Republicans but could’ve been worse.

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No More Rick Scott

John Schilling had never seen such opulence.

Growing up in a small brick house outside Milwaukee, the son of a machinist, Schilling felt as if he were in the presence of royalty in 1994 when his new boss, Rick Scott, gripped his hand and welcomed the junior accountant in a rented tuxedo to the black-tie event.

Women in miniskirts and white go-go boots danced in suspended bird cages to "Love Shack" by the B-52s. Ice sculptures filled the room.

Back then, Scott, now a Republican candidate for governor, was head of the world's largest health care company. Such parties -- including a bash at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg -- could cost up to $100,000 and were a standard company tactic for wooing physicians and encouraging lucrative hospital referrals.



Greer should have gotten a stiffer sentence....and he needs tobrought up on charges for stealing money from Kee Wees, the Winter Springs Entertainment/Restaurant he drove into the ground ! The owners should press charges !


Let's all hope the current head of the Republican Party of Florida doesn't use the same kind of perks and spending all those funds.


Anyone giving money to the RPOF, who does not have legislation pending (Republicans can ALWAYS be bought), opitimizes the proverb, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Richard Otto

You half-wit, you mean that he should be brought up on charges, not he needs to...! No one needs to be brought up on charges. The misuse of "need" and other wordsis rampant these days. I notice that not many persons know how to speak and write these days!

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