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John Morgan, Obama fundraiser and Crist boss, to lead medical-pot initiative in FL


John Morgan, a major President Obama fundraiser and the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist, is taking the reins of a Florida medical marijuana initiative, promising to pump major money and political muscle into the popular issue.

Morgan, a top Florida trial lawyer based in Orlando, said he's ready to tap a network of donors and his personal bank account to get the measure in front of voters in 2014 as a proposed constitutional amendment.

“I can get the money. I have the money. I will be joined by people with money who will help,” said Morgan. “I’ve been very fortunate in life, and I can make it happen.”

It could cost as much as $3.5 million to fund paid-petition gatherers to collect the valid signatures of 683,149 Florida voters needed to get a measure on the ballot. An ad and absentee-ballot campaign could cost up to $10 million more.

Constitutional amendments need to be approved in Florida with 60 percent of the vote.

Morgan said he hasn't spoken about the issue with Crist or Obama, with whom he had dinner Monday. And, he said, he doesn’t care whether they support it or not.

Crist, a Republican-turned-independent-turned Democrat, is considering a run for governor. He wouldn’t return calls for comment.

Morgan, however, has spoken to former Florida House Speaker and past University of Florida law school dean Jon Mills, a state constitutional expert who will help write the amendment ballot summary to help ensure it passes muster at the Florida Supreme Court.

Morgan, head of the Morgan & Morgan firm, said he’s going to lead the initiative for personal reasons: His father had struggled with cancer and emphysema, and only marijuana helped him.

“He was tethered to machines and on all these drugs that he had no appetite,” Morgan said. “One of my brothers was able to get marijuana for him so he could eat and be happy.”

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Thank God somebody is finally standing up for this.


Cannabis cures 123 - 123 peer reviewed medical studies in this article explain why keeping cannabis illegal is genocide and why medicinal use of cannabis is so utterly important for so many.



The ECS (endocannabinoid system)is a critical modulator of physiological functions not only in the central nervous system but also in the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine network, the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive system, in microcirculation, and most important the cytokine network, which is the source of inflammation and the cause of nearly if not all disease. Science is learning that the cytokine network is also the cause of most if not all, mental health issues and disorders such as Autism. We also know cannabinoids kill cancer.

Science has also learned that the activity of the ECS decreases the progression of brain aging. The neuroprotectant properties of cannabis actually protects the brain from Alzheimer's Disease, extreme damage from strokes, and from damage in seven out of the eight areas of the brain that suffers damage from binge drinking if cannabis is consumed during the binge.

Hopefully the Florida legislature will pay attention to the science and pass the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act this legislative session. I suggest you make a few phone calls.

Lori Ann

This is great news !

Tinabanks1957@gmail .com

My daughter in law died dec 20. , watching what the pain meds did to her internal organs was horrible . I believe that our care for cancer is barbaric !! To say the least. . The biggest problem being constapaded . I had asked her at one point if she would use marijuana. She said no because it is not legal. , she was an attorney and a Harvard grad . She was smarter than that , to say no , but because it is not legal she depended souly on the medical industry. That fails everyone eventually !!!

Paul J. von Hartmann

Increasing UV-B radiation is increasing the solubility of mercury and arsenic in the environment. Cannabis aerosols shield the Earth from the Sun's UV-B radiation. The failure of our government to recognize the true value of Cannabis as a tool for mitigating climate change is a threat to everyone's individual health, to national security, and global integrity.

Cannabis is both unique and essential, valuable beyond the moral accountability of induced resource scarcity. Nutritionally, ecologically, and agronomically, Cannabis is an essential crop, without which mankind cannot achieve sustainability within the Natural Order.

Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Cannabis agriculture is a fundamental human right, far beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.

A vote in 2014 is unnecessary and time consuming. "Essential civilian demand" for the "strategic" "herb bearing seed" "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" is the most direct means to achieve what is immediately called for: Cannabis freedom.

Executive Order 13603 provides for civilian access to hemp, yet there is presently no protocol for exercizing this emergency preparedness procedure.

See http://californiacannabisministry.blogspot.com/2012/04/emergency-preparedness-response-and.html

to understand more about why it is critically important to plant hemp in the United States and other countries this spring.

We don't have another planting season to waste. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Molly Ohlinger

A BIG thanks to John Morgan for his effort and financial support in this matter. This couldn't have come at a better time!

William Wohlsifer

I am an attorney in Tallahassee. I drafted the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act (SB 1250/HB 1139) (2013) for NORML of Florida. If I can be of any assistance to Mr. Morgan, Mr. Pollara or Ms. Russell with this initiative please feel free to contact me.



Thank you, John Morgan. Seriously, this is an unbelievably meaningful gesture. If there is anyway I can help, let me know.


I'm sure he wants to make DUIs legal since he's had several of those as well

He makes me want to puke.

Rev. John

Thank you Mr. Morgan,

Countless people out there would benefit from this help without being made into criminals by the state.

God Bless You.

Dale Anne Averill

Robert Calkin of Van Nuys CA is a great resource on establishing Marijuana related businesses suchas dispensaries, growers relationships with dispensaries, and distribution of this medicine to patients to name a few. A powerful resource!

True believer

Thanks John Morgan I truly believe in this fight and will help in any way I can.

Leslie H

I thank you, John Morgan for your insight and testimony to the true benefits of this benign drug. Lupus, glaucoma and many patients who are dealing with nausea from RX's have been helped greatly by this medicine, marijuana. And yes it definitely has important medical qualities. I hope everyone who has suffered and the. Been helped by this needs to stand up and speak out!! As well as their family, friends, nurses and caretakers. Please, let us be helped, not denied by close mindedness and archaic laws. Let the freedom to heal thyself ring loud and clear, through every Florida!!! Think about your future and what to expect if it hasn't happened already.


This is way over due in Florida, where so many could benefit from marijuana. As my condition gets worse and I get older I have considered moving to a state where medical marijuana is available. I support those who are standing up for this cause so Florida is not one of the last states to legalize this medication.

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