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Who got what from Allied Veterans and their affiliates

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Allied Veterans of the World and its affiliates gave more than $1.4 million to local, state and federal candidates and their related political committees between 2008 and 2012. The state Republican and state Democratic parties got the bulk of contributions, but so did plenty of lawmakers.

In all, Allied Vets showered 175 political committees and political candidates with contributions. The totals reflect a combination of funds collected by candidates in their individual or main political committees, known as Committees of Continuous Existence. Allied Vets and its affiliates face state and federal racketeering, illegal gambling and money laundering charges. Here's the Herald/Times list

Sources: Operation Reveal the Deal Master Affidavit, Operation Reveal the Deal exhibits, Florida Division of Elections, Federal Elections Commission. 


Candidate/committeeAmount donated
Florida Democratic Party $244,000
Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel $69,500
Latvala, Jack $44,000
Cannon, Dean $25,000
Negron, Joe $25,000
Dorworth, Chris $23,500
Aronberg, Dave $20,700
Maddox, Scott $19,750
Bogdanoff, Ellyn $19,000
Artiles, Frank $17,500
Weatherford, Will $16,500
Putting Florida First, Inc. (ECO) $15,000
Smith, Christopher “Chris” $14,500
Haridopolos, Mike $14,400
Diaz de la Portilla, Alex $13,000
Cruz, Janet $11,500
Crisafulli, Steve $11,500
Frishe, James C. “Jim” $11,000
Bernard, Mack $10,000
21st Century Florida (CCE) $10,000
Galvano, Bill $9,500
Hukill, Dorothy L. $9,500
Gonzalez, Eddy $8,500
Oliva, Jose $8,500
Detert, Nancy C. $6,200
Weinstein, Mike $6,000
Rouson, Darryl Ervin $6,000
Jones, Mia L. $5,500
Brandes, Jeffrey $5,500
Florida Votes! (ECO) $5,000
Democratic Executive Committee Of Florida $5,000
Lopez Cantera, Carlos $5,000
Floridians for Efficiency in Government (ECO) $5,000
Floridians for Strong Families (ECO) $5,000
Freedom First Committee, Inc. (ECO) $5,000
Citizens for Ethical and Effective Leaders (ECO) $5,000
Sunshine State Freedom Fund (ECO) $5,000
Citizens for Common Sense (ECO) $5,000
Tobia, John $5,000
Soto, Darren $4,000
Diaz de la Portilla, Renier $4,000
Nunez, Jeanette M. $4,000
Margolis, Gwen $4,000
Garcia, Rene $3,500
Bruno, Frank T. $3,250
Baker, Carey $3,000
Bullard, Dwight $3,000
Schenck, Robert $3,000
Saunders, Ron $3,000
Stafford, Cynthia A. $3,000
Fresen, Erik $3,000
O’Toole, H. Marlene $3,000
Sachs, Maria $3,000
Legg, John $3,000
Plotkin, Jay $2,950
McBurney, Charles $2,950
Gibbons, Joseph “Joe” $2,500
Waldman, Jim $2,500
Farkas, Frank $2,500
Diaz, Jose Felix $2,500
Fasano, Mike $2,500
Perry, James R “Rick” $2,500
Gibson, Audrey $2,500
McDaniel, John P. “Johnny Mac” $2,100
Brodeur, Jason $2,000
Corcoran, Richard $2,000
Scott, Rick $2,000
Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle $2,000
Pilon, Ray $2,000
Tell the Public the Facts, Inc. (ECO) $2,000
Watson, Barbara $1,500
Cummings, Travis $1,500
Davis, Daniel $1,500
Thrasher, John $1,500
Boyd, Jim $1,500
Obama, Barack $1,500
West, Allen B $1,500
Caldwell, Matt $1,500
Albritton, Ben $1,500
Perman, Steve $1,500
Patronis, Jimmy $1,500
Norman, Jim $1,500
Hulsey, Mark $1,100
Sharpe, Mark $1,065
Grimsley, Denise $1,000
Abruzzo, Joseph $1,000
Goodson, Tom $1,000
Aubuchon, Gary $1,000
Ford, C.V. $1,000
Bradley, Rob $1,000
Fitzenhagen, Heather $1,000
Edwards, Katie $1,000
Eagle, Dane $1,000
Brown, Corrine $1,000
Campbell, Daphne $1,000
Davis, Mike $1,000
Evers, Greg $1,000
Roberson, Ken $1,000
Slosberg, Irving “Irv” $1,000
Siplin, Victoria $1,000
Nunez, Jeanette $1,000
Smith, A.J. $1,000
Shulman, Josh $1,000
Sobel, Eleanor $1,000
Rivera, David $1,000
Pritchett, Sharon $1,000
Schwartz, Elaine J. $1,000
Thompson, Geraldine F. $1,000
Thurston, Perry E. $1,000
Passidomo, Kathleen $1,000
Logan, Ana Rivas $1,000
Steube, Greg $1,000
Wood, John $1,000
Workman, Ritch $1,000
Hill, Robert $1,000
Holder, Doug $1,000
Horner, Mike $1,000
Rodrigues, Ray $1,000
Hutson, Travis $1,000
Kottkamp, Jeff $1,000
Joyner, Arthenia L. $1,000
Julien, John Patrick $1,000
Watson, Clovis $1,000
Hudson, Matt $1,000
Davis, Brian J. $600
Corey, Angela B. $525
Coley, Marti $500
Clark, Richard Andrew $500
Simmons, David $500
Broxson, Doug $500
Smith, Jimmie T. $500
Braynon, Oscar $500
Taylor, Dwayne L. $500
Renuart, Ronald “Doc” $500
Benacquisto, Lizbeth $500
Trujillo, Carlos $500
Atwater, Jeff $500
Williams, Alan $500
Altman, Thad $500
Ahern, Larry $500
Steinberg, Richard L. $500
Moraitis, George $500
Hays, Alan $500
Grant, James $500
Garcia, Luis R Jr $500
Young, Dana $500
Gaetz, Matt $500
Kiar, Martin David $500
Mayfield, Debbie $500
McKeel, Seth $500
Flores, Anitere $500
Metz, Larry $500
Ring, Jeremy $500
Montford, Bill $500
Costello, Fred $500
Powell, Bobby $500
Ingram, Clay $500
Drake, David Bradley $500
Richter, Garrett $500
Oelrich, Stephen M. $500
Harrison, Shawn $500
Porter, Elizabeth $500
Dean, Charles S. $500
Nehr, Peter $500
Blazs, Kevin A. $360
Bean, Aaron $300
Pariente, Barbara J. $250
National Fraternal Order Of Police PAC $250
Lakin, John F $200
Bembry, Leonard L. $141
Morrow, Jefferson W. $100
Norton, Virginia $100
Cole, Karen K. $100
Buttner, Rick $50
Realtors PAC - Florida CCE $19
Grand Total $1,453,790


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Internet cafe cronies that serve this money are the main problem. Rick Scott should ban them for allowing this level of corruption in government.

Internet cafe cronies are predators that want to destroy families and democracy in Florida.


Rick Scott should disqualify anyone for Lt. Governor who took ANY money from these folks…especially the recipients in the top ten. The Times has it all right here. Governor the first part of your research has been done for you.


I beleieve a commoner like myself should be appointed to fill the Lt. Governor's position.Tis person would wea a wire and tape every bit of graft that goes on.


Is your list complete, or did they not give money the Republican Party of Florida?

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