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PolitiFact Florida: Checking Rubio's CPAC claims on nation's unfilled jobs, Chinese Internet access

Marco Rubio used his Thursday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference to touch on the need for the country to better prepare its students for the modern workforce and fend off an oppressive Chinese government on the rise.

PolitiFact Florida broke out the Truth-O-Meter to test two of Rubio's claims.

The first: "There are 3 million jobs available in America that are not filled because too many of our people don’t have the skills for those jobs."

Rubio is basically right about the number of available jobs in the country, but there's no data to prove his contention that these unfilled jobs are all open because of a mismatch in job skills. In fact, we found a heap of evidence to contradict it. We rated this claim Half True.

The second: "The Chinese government provides their people no access to the Internet."

Rubio overstated the Internet problem in China. Chinese Internet users outnumber the rest of the world by a long shot, so there is clearly access. However, the government blocks access to popular Western websites and often prevents users from reading information it does not want getting out. We rated his claim Mostly False on balance.

Read the full stories here and here.


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I'm calling a half-true on Politifact. I'm sure Rubio meant just that about the internet in China, they do restrict internet access to Western sites. Rubio said there are that many jobs to be filled.

Politifact is slowly loosing its objectivity. It's easy to pick on slim technicalities to rate as you wish.


RAQUEL REGALADO FOR LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on

Oh please. "No access to the Internet" isn't exactly an ambiguous statement, subject to interpretation. It's a flat-out lie. Same kind of lie as that idiot Grassley claiming people over 50 can't get hip replacements from the Canadian healthcare system. Republican politicians just make stuff up, and their constituents are ignorant enough to believe them.

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