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Rick Scott emerges as critic of House campaign finance bill

TALLAHASSEE — A year after redistricting made legislative districts more competitive, the Florida House on Friday passed a campaign finance bill that raises contribution limits and appears to give incumbents a political advantage.

The 75-39 vote was mostly along party lines. Democrats say the measure — which raises the cap on political contributions and lets incumbents roll-over $20,000 toward the next election — gives Republicans more fundraising leverage because they control the Legislature.

"I can't support this blatant, brazen incumbent-protection plan," said Rep. Dwight Dudley, D-St. Petersburg. "It ensures a small group of people will run for office."

Gov. Rick Scott's office criticized raising the cap on Friday, which put him at odds again with House Speaker Will Weatherford, who supports the bill. Earlier this week, the two clashed on supporting Scott's request for a $2,500-across-the-board teacher pay increase.

"Every time I've met with him, he's told me that he supports our bill, so that's news to me," Weatherford told reporters. "I think when he sees the wisdom of what we're trying to accomplish, he'll come around."

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No More Rick Scott

Rick Scott campaigned opposing special interests and lobbyist money. Now he accepts them with open arms.


Let me get this straight. Gambling interests taint the process by giving ilegal money.

now the House responds by upping the campaign limits to $3,000 a piece?

Am I living in a different world?


New signage on the State House:" For Sale to highest bdder". Even "this" Governor is against such open displays of graft!!!

sup sup

Either you raise the limits so we can all see or keep special interest bending the rules and giving them obscure money.

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