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Rick Scott unveils first 2014 campaign ad

Gov. Rick Scott is officially in reelection mode.

Scott unveiled a high-quality campaign video on his Facebook page Monday called "first time" (nope, not like writer/actress Lena Dunham cheekily describing her first time voting for Barack Obama).

"This is the first time in five years that our unemployment rate has been below the national average," Scott says, "but we're not stopping there."

In the ad, Scott repeats talking points about the poor shape of the economy "in the four years before I became governor" (listening, Charlie Crist?), compared to the state's private sector growth (+282,000 jobs) and declining unemployment rate (now 7.8 percent) since he took office.

The scene: The March 18 press conference at Mitsubishi Power Systems in Orlando, where Scott is surrounded by a crew of approving employees in T-shirts and safety goggles as he talks into a mic. The unnamed facility manager tells the camera "it's unbelievable" how much better shape the state is in these days, and that he has hired 150 new employees. Another man says, "Gov. Scott gets it."

Gone is his 2010 mantra "let's get to work." Scott's new slogan, to the surprise of no one who watched his State of the State address or heard him speak this month, is "it's working." The video is hosted at ItsWorkingFlorida.com and paid for by his political committee, Let's Get to Work.


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No More Rick Scott

Rick Scott’s Columbia/HCA record on healthcare:

-Columbia billed Medicare, Medicaid, the Defense Department’s TRICARE health care program, and the Federal Employees’ Health Benefits Program for lab tests that were not medically necessary or not ordered by physicians;

-The company attached false diagnosis codes to patient records in order to increase reimbursement to the hospitals;

-The company illegally claimed non-reimbursable marketing and advertising costs as community education;

-Columbia billed the government for home health care visits for patients who did not qualify to receive them.


I voted for Scott but i'm voting for Charlie Crist or anyone other than Scott.

women in binders

Republicans criticized Obama and Lena for calling video "first time" as sexually suggestive...


I will vote for whoever runs against him. But I wish the Dem field would get in gear, it's not too early!

Randall McMurphy

Yeah, if by "it" he means the rampant nepotism and affirmative action in promotions in government jobs.


As a republican I've voted for Jeb twice, Charlie & Rick Scott. But I cant vote for Rick Scott again. I'm voting for Bill Nelson or Charlie Crist


4 more years baby! #RickScott2014


This governor is the biggest political game playing fool in the history of this great state. I'm amazed at the idea that he would even think of running in 2014. Really?
I don't you'll find a teacher or a divorced man in this state to vote for him. But then again the Florida Bars family section will be behind him all the way. 

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