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RPOF to donate $300,000 to veterans group after Internet cafe probe

From the Republican Party of Florida:

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) will donate $300,000 to the Florida Veterans Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group, after learning that political contributions had been raised from an organization that now stands accused of using veteran's charities as a front for alleged illegal activity.

"RPOF respects our nation's veterans, and we have zero tolerance for this kind of activity," said Chairman Lenny Curry. "It is outrageous to all Floridians that anyone would use our veterans as a front for criminal actions."

After a thorough review of financial records in connection with this case, RPOF has received approximately $271,000 during the current and most recent campaign cycle from entities currently under investigation.

"This is a complex, ongoing case and new facts may develop," said Curry. "But RPOF has a history of supporting the men and women who serve in the military, and we will always do everything we can to support America's veterans.  That is why we will contribute a total of $300,000 to this great organization and the heroes they help." 



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Old Guard

The Leon REC is a cesspool for the internet cafe brethren.


Oh, that's interesting ... that 502(c)3 is a captive "Foundation" by the bureaucrats at the state Department of Veterans Affairs. It appears that same outfit--which probably operates as a slush fund for the state bureaucrats--got a large contribution last year ... wait for it ... probably from the corrupt, evil Allied Veterans group, now targeted by law enforcement. So the question is (or should be): if the corrupt charlatan, faux veterans "fund-raisers" thought that bureaucrat slush fund was a good place to send money (in order to curry favor), why should politicians or their parties do the same thing?

There are much better, legitimate veterans groups they should be donating the money to.

In fact, that same set of bureaucrats at Veterans Affairs were trying just this week to steal a larger share of money from veterans nursing homes to fund their "Foundation" slush fund.

This is sickening.

Absent Leader

Did you say curry?

Can't take anymore

Now if the House and Senate Republican "leadership" would donate the million$ they have stashed in their CCE's these genuine community veterans' programs could operate for many years. While the FDLE is investigating the crooks at the Allied Veterans scam they may want to see if Garrett Richter and the guys over at the Dept of Veterans Affairs can pass the smell test.



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