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Scott remains noncommittal on Internet cafe ban

As the Florida House prepares to vote on its bill to ban Internet cafes in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott told the Miami Herald editorial board Thursday that he had not made up his mind on whether to support it or not.

"Everything is on the table,'' Scott said, refusing to indicate whether he supports the ban that has emerged as the Legislature's swift response to the criminal investigation into the Allied Veterans of the World, a chain of Internet cafes.

Police have arrested 57 individuals affiliated with Allied Veterans and have charged them with illegal gambling, money laundering and racketeering. The $300 million for-profit operation allegedly donated only 2 percent of its proceeds to charity.  

Legislators have quickly attempted to distance themselves from the fake charity, announcing they would donate thousands of dollars in contributions to legitimate veterans groups and other charities. According to a Herald/Times analysis, Allied Veterans and its operators and affiliates spent more than $1.4 million on candidates and committees in the last election cycle, most of it intended to influence the Florida Legislature. 

The Florida House raced to agenda a bill last week by Rep. Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, that would clarify the state law to ensure that anyone operating electronic sweepstakes machines, adult arcades and maquinitas are illegal in Florida. 

The bill clarifies that web-based gambling devices are illegal because they are deemed games of chance and not games of skill. Trujillo said he will ask lawmakers to adopt an amendment today that clarifies that promotional giveaways, like those offered by fast food restaurants or car dealers, and children's arcades will continue to be allowed in Florida.

The ban is expected to shut down an estimated 1,000 gaming centers that have operated electronic casino-like games disguised as a sweepstakes or arcade games.

The bill clarifies existing law by prohibiting electronic gambling devices for charitable promotions, updates the definition of slot machines to include network-based machines like those used in Internet cafes and bans machines intended to simulate casino games and slot machines.



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I have always voted Republican, I even voted for Scott. I will vote for Charlie Crist as a Democrat if Scott is the opponent.


Why would Rick Scott care about fraud???

Party is Over

GOP Chairman Curry should send off a tweet or an email with his stance on the Internet Cafes if the Governor won't stand for anything.

Real Conservatives in Florida

Rick Scott and his hospitals made profits out of abortions. The GOP stands behind this man.


Look at who is defending and profiting the internet cafes. It's vile to support internet cafe that are predators on Florida families, veterans, and democracy.


All hypocrites it's about who has the most money,you can't beat the Seminoles and the Florida lottery.what's the difference in internet gambling and buying scratch offs and throwing non winners away.


Repeat the following phrase until you begin to believe its true
Got that....... Sure! right!


IF they shut down the cafe's then they should get rid of the lottery. and you know they won't do that
Playing the lottery like scratch off's is the same thing. I guess the people in office do not want to be re-elected again. If he bans them i will not vote for him again. i thought this was a FREE COUNTRY, I GUESS NOT


We are confident I've read this identical sort of affirmation somewhere else, it needs to be gathering popularity using the people.

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