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What people are saying about Senate rejecting Medicaid expansion

Here is a round up of what folks are saying now that the Senate's Affordable Care Act committee voted to reject Medicaid expansion, same as the House did a week ago. Instead, legislators say they will create an alternative for the state's roughly 1 million uninsured.

House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel:

"I appreciate the Senate Select Committee on PPACA for taking a thoughtful and deliberative approach on the issue of Medicaid expansion.  Like the House, the committee gathered the facts and decided that Washington's inflexible approach to force Florida to take a 'one-size fits all' policy choice is not in our state’s best interest.

I look forward to working with Senate President Gaetz as we investigate alternatives that will strengthen the safety net while also ensuring that we do not put future funding for our schools, public safety and protection of our beaches and springs at risk."

Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale:

"Although Republicans voted against what they called  'traditional Medicaid expansion' they turned around and endorsed a program that still relies on the same federal dollars and still extends affordable health care to 1 million Floridians. Whatever name they opt to give the program, the bottom line is that money allocated by the federal government for Medicaid expansion will be the mechanism. In the Senate, the remaining question is no longer 'if,' but 'who.'"

Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville:

"The Senate Select Committee made the right decision today to reject placing a million more Floridians in a federal Medicaid system that has failed providers, patients and taxpayers. I appreciate the efforts of Senator (Joe) Negron and members of the PPACA Select Committee as they seek a Florida solution, not a Washington solution, to the problem of low income, uninsured Floridians, the vast majority of whom have jobs and are working to support their families."

Rep. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey:

"I am  disappointed that the Senate panel tasked with exploring Medicaid expansion has voted to turn down the federal dollars that would have opened up healthcare to over a million Floridians. All we hear about are alternatives, safety nets and vague promises that 'something should be done.' What we actually get are solid votes against our own money coming back to our state. Why did the Legislature wait until the 11th hour to make this decision? Why were these so-called 'alternatives' not being explored and debated long before session started? It is my hope that some straight thinking will take place and both chambers will reconsider the ill-advised decision to turn down these needed dollars."

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce:

"Let me be clear, if it's a take Washington's mandate or nothing question, the Florida Chamber stands in opposition to Washington’s version of a one-size-fits-all Medicaid expansion. While we are against what Washington passed in its current form, we are for a flexible Florida solution. The Florida Chamber Board of Directors has adopted 11 prerequisites for discussing additional federal funding."

Americans for Prosperity Florida, via Twitter (@AFPFlorida):

"Victory today for taxpayers with Senate rejection of Medicaid expansion. Not counting as a win until we see the alternatives they push for."


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Duval REC

Rick Scott failed the Republican Party. We will not vote for him again.

Can't take anymore

Can anyone doubt that a deal was cooked weeks ago in which the desperate for re-election Rick Scott and his boys in the legislature agreed that he would publically support Medicaid expansion while they torpedoed it in committee. This would give him the needed cover for a fait accompli he knew was never going to get to a floor vote in either house. Now Florida can try to hoodwink the feds into handing over the funding for a so-called state created "safety net" that hospitas, Big Insurance and the FMA can plunder to their hearts' content. No wonder the Capitol Complex needs to be bleached and steam cleaned after every legislative session.


Where's Lenny Curry?

Max Salfinger

Itlooks like Florida's Retarded Legislator cannot get anything right. Even Tennessee is going to expand Medicaid.

Max Salfinger

Let's try this again. I hate Tablets. It looks like Florida's Retarded Legislature cannot get anything right. Even Tennessee is going to expand Medicaid.


Where in the world is Lenny Curry?

Does he get special perks like Jim Greer did?


no surprise here republicans are like ferringhi no profit for them so I doesn't get done that's why its OK with them as long as we let their private insurance buddies steal some of it before anyone gets any coverage draining more taxpayer money away with their crooked privatization plans


Fasano is right re: these yahoos always voting against Florida's federal $$$ coming back to Florida. Florida already is a donor state for Federal Transportation $$$ so let's add Medicaid $$$ to that too. I'm sure the other states will thank us for our contributions to their expanded Medicaid programs.


It is a dirty rotten shame. Thank you Mike Fasano for stating the obvious.

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