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Casino opponents go on the offensive against legislative gambling contract

 No Casinos, the Orlando-based anti-gambling group, is launching a television and radio campaign urging House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz to abandon the $400,000 contract they signed two weeks ago with Spectrum Gaming Group for a study of the state's gambling climate.

They say the company cannot be independent since it works with the gambling industry.

John Sowinski, president of the group that is backed by Disney, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other industry-backed companies, commended the legislative leaders for quick passage of legislation to outlaw the Internet cafes but noted, "unfortunately, your leadership on this issue and the good work of the committees you formed to study it are now in peril,'' he wrote. "The reason: the experts chosen by your staff to conduct a study on gambling and the impact of additional gambling in Florida have irreconcilable conflicts of interest."

He urged them to cancel the contract and "stop what will otherwise become $400,000 taxpayer dollars spent on a study that no objective person who knows of its author will believe. Rescue the good idea of studying the impacts of gambling by having experts who have never worked for the industry conduct the study."  Download NoCasinos-Letter-to-President-Gaetz-and-Speaker-Weatherford

The television ad is produced in the style of a too-good-to-be-true television pitch with fast-talking announcer claiming that the gambling industry believes slots are good for your heart. "The Florida Legislature has hired the same reseracher to find out if more gambling will be good for Florida,'' the announcer says. "Folks, this deal is so big, so crazy, there's only one place where you can it it and that's right here from the Florida Legislature."

A television and radio ad campaign limited to Tallahassee has been begun, Sowinski said.


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Vicki lush

These legislators are so incompetent we should demand they all step down and the governor is no better and should be impeached. Then the whole state of florida should boycott all casinos and paramutuals for one year lets strike them where it hurts

Neal slater

Why hurt the seniors from having fun and entertainment

Watching You

Vote for me, an “HONEST” politician.

I promise to do everything in my power to enrich myself on the backs of the taxpayer.

I promise to take money from special interest groups and lobbyists, and allow them to influence my decisions even if it means screwing my constituents.

I promise transparency with back room deals made behind closed doors.

I promise to lead you by the hand because you’re too stupid to make your own decisions.

I promise to tell you “yes, I’ll do that for you”. Then do exactly the opposite.

I promise that if you elect me, you’ll be sorry that you did.

Thank you for your support.

Watching You

Florida house representatives pay less than $9.00 per month for individual healthcare, or $30.00 for a family.

Will Weatherford says "we'll address that next session". I say, ADDRESS IT NOW!!! IT IS YOUR JOB!!!

I realize you ONLY get paid $30,000.00 a year in your part time job, but that is more that alot of folks make in their full time job. Why the hell should you get a break?


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